Webinar with Natural Products INSIDER: Intentional Ingredient Overages: How Much Is Too Much?

Event Start Date
Dec 11, 2018
Event End Date
Dec 11, 2018
Event Start Time
2 pm Eastern
Event End Time
3:30 pm Eastern

Adding “a little extra” to help ensure a product meets 100% of its label claims—even at the end of its shelf life—is a common practice in dietary supplement and functional food formulation, especially for certain ingredients. Factors such as safety concerns, ingredient deterioration, storage and handling issues, expiration dating concerns, even product verification services, can all lead to conscious decisions to exceed the labeled amount in production. These well-meaning, intentional ingredient overages have drawn attention from FDA, consumer products testing services, plaintiffs’ attorneys, even international regulators. And some products like gummies, or probiotics with live organisms, can create special concerns.

CRN and Natural Products INSIDER present this webinar to help companies gain an understanding of key regulatory and marketing considerations related to intentional ingredient overages to help ensure consumer safety as well as consumer confidence in their brands—and to stay on the right side of the law.


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During our webinar, experts will discuss questions including:

  • When is adding “a little extra” unsafe—or even illegal?
  • What are FDA’s labeling requirements for overages?
  • What are the GMP specifications?
  • What impact might recent class action litigation have on company decision making around formulation with overages?
  • What role do retailer testing requirements play?

Join us to learn how much is too much!

A Q&A period will follow speaker presentations.

Speakers to be announced—registration opening soon.