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Washington, D.C., June 13, 2017—Creatine supplementation is not only safe, but has been reported to have a number of benefits in populations ranging from infants to the elderly, according to a new white paper titled “Safety and efficacy of creatine supplementation in exercise, sport, and medicine… read more
Washington, D.C., June 12, 2017—The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) are joining forces for a cooperative advocacy effort—Day on the Hill—on June 21 in Washington, D.C. The event will bring together industry executives from across the… read more
Washington, D.C., June 6, 2017— The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) has added its voice to the growing list of supporters of the dietary supplement industry’s latest self-regulatory initiative by formally announcing its endorsement of the Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library), the online… read more
Washington, D.C., June 1, 2017—The dietary supplement industry’s self-regulatory coalition, the SIDI Work Group, today released an updated draft of the “Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients (SIDI) Protocol,” and seeks feedback from industry stakeholders and regulators by July 3, 2017.… read more
Washington, D.C., May 17, 2017—In response to FDA’s announcement of the implementation of its Program Alignment, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry, issued the following statement: Statement by Steve… read more
WASHINGTON, D.C., May 9, 2017—The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association representing the dietary supplement industry, issued the following statement regarding the confirmation by the U.S. Senate of Scott Gottlieb, M.D., to the post of Food and Drug Administration (… read more
Manno, Switzerland, 5 May 2017—Nutrition recommendations and policy need to continue to evolve in parallel with advances in science and technology in order to provide solutions to contemporary public health challenges, concludes a new report titled “Optimal Nutrition and the Ever-Changing Dietary… read more
Washington, D.C., April 27, 2017—One year after the project was formally announced, the Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) became a reality today as the online product registry is now live. Serving as a resource for regulators, retailers, and industry, the OWL is an industry-wide, self-… read more
Washington, D.C., April 20, 2017— The Natural Products Association (NPA) today offered its enthusiastic support for the Supplement OWL, the new online dietary supplement registry launching in April. In making the announcement, NPA encouraged its members to learn more about how to enter their… read more
Washington, D.C., April 18, 2017—In anticipation of the Supplement OWL launch this month, nearly 200 dietary supplement industry executives have registered for a free webinar presented by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the dietary supplement and… read more