Vitamin D and COVID-19 severity / BIO-CAT shares #Act4Access efforts / China-ASEAN webinar Wednesday


New systematic review reports vitamin D supplementation effective in reducing COVID-19 severity

New research highlighted on the Vitamin D & Me! website shows supplementation with vitamin D is effective in reducing COVID19 severity.

According to a meta-analysis published in the Quarterly Journal of Medicine:

  • Seven systematic reviews showed strong evidence that vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of mortality in COVID patients.

  • It was also observed that supplementation reduces the need for intensive care and mechanical ventilation requirement.

  • The findings were said to be robust and reliable because the level of heterogeneity was considerably low.

  • Qualitative analysis showed that supplements (oral and IV) are well tolerated, safe and effective in COVID patients. 

“The current evidence suggests that vitamin D is a potential immunomodulator that has a major role in lowering COVID-19-related mortality, ICU hospitalizations, and ventilation,” said the authors. “As a result, we believe that supplementary vitamin D can be safely added to the existing COVID-19 treatment procedures.”

Why it matters: Vitamin D has taken a hit in the news recently following reporting on VITAL secondary results published in the New England Journal of Medicine. But the out-of-context headlines do a disservice to the public health. It’s been well over a year since former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona, M.D., MPH, now distinguished professor of public health and COVID-19 incident commander at the University of Arizona, urged physicians not to wait for perfect evidence when making life-and-death decisions.

To help provide consumers with science-based, actionable information on the most recent research, Vitamin D & Me! presents summaries of studies the media misses.

BIO-CAT accepts Chairman’s Challenge to #Act4Access

BIO-CAT is the latest CRN member inspiring others to #Act4Access by helping fight hunger and ensuring access to good nutrition and nutrition education for all. The BIO-CAT team shared a video about their work in their local community.

“When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas back in 2011, our founder Ed Schuler simply said, please don't spend money on me. I'd rather see the money go towards families in need,” recalled Tammie Perkins, HR manager at BIO-CAT. “We’ve been donating to the Louisa County Resource Council ever since.”

Keeping Schuler’s legacy alive, BIO-CAT has:

  • Donated more than 900 pounds of food to the resource council, in the past two years alone, which about 4,000 individuals rely on

  • Donated funds to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, which serves more than 119,000 people per month

Join your CRN member industry colleagues in accepting the Chairman's Challenge to #Act4Access. To help you share, CRN's Nutrition Access Task Force asks you to:

CRN will compile member efforts and share as part of our story when planning next steps for the task force and #Act4Access campaign. More details to come during our Nov. 16 webinar.

Wednesday—China-ASEAN Supplement Market webinar

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