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SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

Reflecting on our founding values and DSHEA modernization / Petition to FTC on substantiation guidance / And more

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

Supplementation in the Dietary Guidelines / Understanding today’s supplement consumer / Connect with CRN at Expo East


Last chance to book at best rates for CRN events—don't miss CEO session with Pharmavite's Jeff Boutelle and other industry leaders / And more

AUGUST 31, 2023

Book now—conference room block closes tomorrow / Senators seek details on FDA reorg proposal / Preorder new CRN Consumer Survey for best value / And more

AUGUST 24, 2023

Catch up on a busy August in Washington / FDA Commissioner to speak during 'Now New Next' / Building brands that resonate with consumers / And more

AUGUST 22–23, 2023

INTERIM ALERT: JAMA Cardiology article on ‘Health Claims and Doses of Fish Oil Supplements in the U.S.’

AUGUST 18, 2023

INTERIM ALERT: FDA Is Failing Consumers on CBD

AUGUST 17, 2023

FDA master file guidance lacks enforcement protocols / Get to know a visionary CEO / Media mentions / And more

AUGUST 10, 2023

CRN recommends delayed implementation for Health Canada’s cost recovery proposal / Join the fun at our annual conference / And more

AUGUST 3, 2023

Early-bird rates end tomorrow for 50th anniversary events / CRN provides feedback on EPA draft plastic pollution strategy/ International updates / And more

JULY 27, 2023

CBD in the spotlight / The giant weakness in the supply chain right now / Register for 50th anniversary events by Aug. 4

JULY 20, 2023

FSA/HSA legislation introduced / Profiles in leadership / 'Nothing new' revealed by JAMA letter on botanical sports supplements

JULY 13, 2023

Letter to FDA Commissioner notes concerns about proposed reorganization / Mason Vitamins' Tacl appointed Retailer Relations Forum Chair / Media mentions / And more

JULY 6, 2023

INTERIM ALERT: CRN CEO Member Update on Proposed FDA Foods Program Reorg.

FTC revised endorsement guide released / Aspartame safety in question / and more

JUNE 29, 2022

TiO2 update in California / Science in Session agenda, speaker lineup / CRN in the news / and more

JUNE 22, 2023

‘Day on the Hill’ brings members face-to-face with legislators, staff / Member CROs comment on updated clinical trial guidance / And more

JUNE 15, 2023

Supplements for better brain health / Consumer Survey Advisory Committee reconvenes / CRN at IADSA World Supplement Forum / And more

JUNE 8, 2023

‘Science in Session’ publication explores gaps, opportunities in optimizing health with nutrition / CRN continues pushback on NY age restrictions at executive branch level / And more

JUNE 1, 2023

More science behind the supplements / Melatonin in focus / June calendar / And more

MAY 25, 2023

Good news about multivitamins / FDA CBD stakeholder session today / Legal claims for non-lawyers / Catch up on producer packaging responsibility / And more

MAY 23, 2023

INTERIM ALERT: FDA CBD stakeholder call Thursday, May 25, at 3 pm Eastern

MAY 18, 2023

Mister emphasizes melatonin safety / Catch up on counterfeiting / Doing better by women in the workplace as well as in nutrition policy

MAY 11, 2023

FDA Drug Preclusion Clause interpretation threatens innovation, consumer choice / Day on the Hill back in person June 21 / Melatonin Task Force reconvenes / And more

MAY 10, 2023

INTERIM ALERT: Citizen Petition calls on FDA to reconsider Drug Preclusion Clause interpretation

MAY 4, 2023

Mister talks 2023 policy priorities—drug preclusion and more / Complimentary educational opportunities for CRN members / Be part of CRN history

APRIL 27, 2023

JAMA Research Letter on melatonin gummies / CRN monitoring state packaging, age restriction legislation / BSCG reports from Partnership for Clean Competition Conference — and more

APRIL 25, 2023

INTERIM ALERT: JAMA Research Letter raises false alarm over levels of melatonin in gummies

APRIL 24, 2023

INTERIM ALERT: Embargoed—Melatonin gummies topic of JAMA Research Letter

APRIL 20, 2023

FTC penalty offense notices / Supporting Codex sustainability efforts / FSA and HSA holders want supplements covered / And more

APRIL 13, 2023

Supplements and pregnancy / WellComms to offer streaming virtual option / Case by case enforcement discretion won’t solve drug preclusion issues – And more

APRIL 6, 2023

Reaching influential RDs with science-based info on supplements / CRN committee meetings & Toxicology Workshop next week / And more

MARCH 30, 2023

FDA must prioritize supplements / CRN and members in the news / And more

MARCH 23, 2023

Engaging on sustainability solutions / Protecting supplement access in the states / And more

MARCH 16, 2023

What’s next for CBD? / State age-restriction proposals persist—CRN in Maryland today / And more

MARCH 9, 2023

Elevating supplements as essential to public health / Report from ExpoWest, Codex, and more