CRN Member Jordan Jahrling of alliantgroup on how credits & incentives could be an untapped resource for supplement manufacturers and distributors

Q&A with Jordan Jahrling, PhD, Life Science Practice Lead at alliantgroup

Q: How did a neuroscientist get involved with a company like alliantgroup? 

Jahrling: “I grew up in a family of researchers and have always had an interest in science. After receiving my BS in Neuroscience from Emory University, I received my PhD from the University of Texas Medical Branch with the goal of conducting medical research as a career. After some time, I realized I wanted to have more real time impact that utilized my credentials and so I made the decision to move away from my own research. alliantgroup has a long history of hiring experts from their fields, as we want to ensure that each business is examined thoroughly and by individuals who understand the nuances of industries. I was a great fit for their Life Sciences practice, and I have since become the practice lead. I am thrilled to be able to use the knowledge and insights I gained working in medical research to help companies receive what they are entitled to from the federal government to continue to drive American innovation.”  

Q: What does alliantgroup do?  

Jahrling: “alliantgroup is the nation’s premier management consultancy firm whose mission is to strengthen organizations across the country. Our goal is to create and maintain jobs here in the US, with a focus on STEM and technical workers. We partner with small to medium sized businesses to help them find solutions for their largest challenges, no matter the industry or level of help needed. It makes me really proud when I reflect on how many great businesses we have helped over the years, and the fact that I am using my skills and knowledge to help others achieve their dreams. That’s what makes alliantgroup special I think, that personal touch we bring to making a business the best it could possibly be. The depth of our insight is what sets us apart. Our team includes former IRS commissioners, policy makers, and industry experts. This makeup gives us the advantage of being able to understand any business and their unique situation. So far, we have served over 30,000 businesses to help them reach new heights.” 

Q: How can alliantgroup help CRN members?  

Jahrling: “alliantgroup is here to help educate CRN members about potential programs available to them. Our industry experts understand their needs, and we pair each business with a team custom tailored to them. In addition to my background, we have an incredibly diverse staff made up of scientists, researchers, and other experts from within the medical and supplement industries. A business’ dedicated team will collaborate to determine the solutions that make the most sense for their organization. alliantgroup then serves as a liaison to connect the awareness to the execution of these opportunities, where we qualify, quantify, and substantiate these credits.” 

Q: What are federal credits & incentives?  

Jahrling: “A credit or incentive is a dollar-for-dollar amount taxpayers can claim on their tax return to reduce their income taxes. Credits are offered to encourage businesses to support public initiatives. There are two types of credits, refundable and nonrefundable. If a refundable credit exceeds the amount of taxes owed, the difference is paid out to the individual/business right away. For nonrefundable credits, any difference is carried forward to offset future taxes.  

We help many supplement manufacturers with mainly two credits, and they focus on different parts of their organization. The first credit we find they frequently qualify for is the Research & Development Tax Credit (R&D). This incentive is meant to reward businesses for investing in something new, whether they create new products, or reinvent their own operations. We find that supplement manufacturers benefit greatly from this credit, and it’s been awesome to see how impactful it has been for different businesses we have worked with.  

The more immediate incentive available to supplement manufactures is the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). The ERC is a credit that goes against payroll taxes, and rewards businesses for keeping their employees on staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. This credit focuses on the number of employees a business had during the pandemic, as well as their gross receipts during that time frame.  

Q: What is the intent behind these credits? 

Jahrling: “They exist to reward businesses for their innovation. Credits act as encouragement to keep businesses moving in the right direction, specifically when they encourage domestic growth or create new jobs.  

There are two aspects that I think many people don’t realize. First, that activities that they already do daily can qualify for them for refunds from the government. Whether it’s working on a new formula, creating better packaging for an existing product, or finding new ways to use existing materials, all of these could potentially allow a business to claim credits and incentives. Especially in the supplement industry, I’m surprised to hear how many businesses are unaware that daily operations allow them to qualify.  

The second aspect is that the government wants businesses to use these programs. They were created specifically for our clients, but there is still a lack of clarity about what they do and how they can help people. That’s where alliantgroup helps to fill the gap.” 

Q: How should interested companies get started?  

Jahrling: “Through our partnership with CRN, each member will receive a complimentary assessment of their eligibility to see what makes sense for their business. We will determine what types of activities that could potentially qualify for a credit, and it also provides them the opportunity to ask questions. It all starts with a conversation, and I can’t wait to speak with them.” 

Q: What do you want CRN members to take away from this conversation? 

Jahrling: “Awareness. Simply awareness that these incentives exist and are available to qualifying businesses. I genuinely love this industry and I want to see it thrive and continue to push innovation forward, our government does too. These incentives are a way to retain and engage talent, reinvest into the business, and keep growing. Every new project I oversee is exciting, and knowing that we help American businesses grow has been really rewarding to experience.”