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Case Number Date of Decision Type Challenger Advertiser Product Supplement Category Types of Claims Examples of Claims Referred to Government Agency
6267 Natural Products Foundation Compound Solutions, Inc. VASO6 Sports Nutrition Performance, Establishment VASO6 is a natural and patented ingredient for nitric oxide production and blood flow, clinically proven to increase vasodilation by 50%., tudies show VASO6 leads to 50% vasodilation at a 300 mg dose. No
6260 Nestle Nutrition Enfamil Enfamil NeuroPro Infants Performance, Establishment Brain-building nutrition…, Nourish the BRAIN FIRST Everything Begins Here., Brain first nutrition No
6257 Johnson & Johnson MOM Enterprises, Inc. Mommy's BlissCough Syrup & Probiotic Drops Infants Performance, Establishment to get them feeling better again, for moms to use when their babies aren’t feeling so great, sick baby toolkit, for when cold & flu season hits
6256 Johnson & Johnson MOM Enterprises, Inc. Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water Infants Performance I have to say your gripe water is amazing. My son is not colicky but has bad gas issues sometimes and hiccups. This product works quickly and effectively., Very First in the U.S., Pediatrician recommended No
6244 Nestle Nutrition BioAmicus Laboratories, Inc. Parent's Choice Colic Drops Infants Performance, Establishment For excessive crying & colic. Clinically shown to reduce crying time., Clinically shown to reduce crying time by 50%. No
6243 CRN Wellmed LLP Neuronix Pain Relief Performance New pill for neuropathy sends soothing comfort to your legs and feet. No
6241 CRN Arthur Andrew Medical, Inc. AminolaseTPA Sports Nutrition Performance, Establishment Eliminate Stomach Fat., Clinically proven to help benefit the skin from the inside out No
6231 NAD NuLiv Scince, Inc. AstraGin Bioavailability Enhancement Performance, Establishment, Implied Claim Whether you are an athelete or just somebody who is looking to sustain a healthy, long, and productive living style, AstraGin™ may help support the absorption of vital nutrients necessary to achieve that.” , In one of our in vivo studies, AstraGin™ increased the insulin sensitivity by 38%. Achieving independent GRAS status solidifies AstraGin as a superior quality compound to significantly enhance bioavailability of nutraceutical ingredients for a wide range No
6222 GSK, LLP Eli Nutrition, inc. TummyZen Heartburn Performance, Establishment, Implied Claim Total Heartburn Relief, Stops Acid Production, Acid Inhibiting, Halts the secretion of Chloride ions in your parietal cells to help regulate the release of acid into your stomach., Supports your stomach lining., Proven ingredients like protective zinc., Its Revolutionary Formula Relieves almost instantly., Long Lasting No
6219 NAD Dermatology Industry UVO Sun Protection Performance, Establishment, Testimonials UVO... increases the amount of time it takes for skin to burn when exposed to both UVA & UVB rays, scientifically proven to help benefit the skin from the inside out No
6218 CRN Health Club Diet, LLC Androzene Erectile Dysfunction Performance, Establishment Androzene uses clinically tested ingredients that will increase blood flow to the genital region in response to sexual stimuli., Hardness – a more rigid erection., Size – A longer and fuller erection., Also Androzene increases your arousal in response to sexual stimuli., Physical arousal – A quicker and bigger reaction to intimacy., Androzene is an all-natural scientific breakthrough that uses patented technology to increase a man’s desire, firmness, stamina, and sensitivity. No
6217 CRN Novahue Skin, LLC Novahue Sun Protection Performance, Establishment ...allowing the dermis to actively and effectively defend itself against sunburn, Helps prevent damage caused by sunlight No
6216 The Procter & Gamble Company Hyperbiotics, Inc. Hyperbiotics Probiotic Supplement Weight Loss, Upper Respiratory Health, Urinary Health Performance, Quantified Performance 15X more effective than others, designed for weight loss support, promote optimal urinary function No
6215 Stokely-Vann Camp, Inc. BAS Sports Nutrition, LLC Bodyarmour SuperDrink Hydration, Functional Food Product Description BodyArmor is “a better sports drink”, BodyArmor is “more natural”, BodyArmor provides “better hydration” and “superior hydration” No
6213 National Milk Producers Federation a2 Milk Company a2 Milk Digestive Health, Functional Food Performance 100% real milk that’s easier on digestion, scientifically proven to help benefit the skin from the inside out No
5890C NAD American Dream Nutrition, LLC PhytoZon Cognitive, Energy, Pain Relief, Cardiovascular Health, Eye Health Performance, Establishment, Testimonials no further action required No
5892C NAD Eok Marketing, LLC d/b/a Marine Essentials OmegaFlex Dietary Supplements Joint Health Performance, Establishment, Testimonials No further action required No
6000C NAD HFL Solutions, Inc. Blood Sugar Optimizer Diabetes Performance, Establishment, Testimonials No further action required No
5952C NAD Mega-T, LLC Mega-T Green Tea Fat Burning Supplement Weight Loss Performance, Testimonials No further action required No
6042C NAD Fit Products, LLC FitTea Weight Loss, Social Media Performance, Testimonials No further action required No
5999C NAD Nootrobox, Inc. Nootropics - RISE™, SPRINT®, and YAWN™ Cognitive Performance, Establishment, Testimonials Formulation change, no further action required No
5976C NAD Moon Juice Moon Juice Action Dust and Brain Dust Energy, Cognitive Performance, Establishment, Testimonials No further action required No
6185 CRN NutriFrontier NutriO2 Anti-aging, Anti-viral, Antibiotic Performance, Testimonials The fact is that disease causing germs, bacteria and viruses cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment! In other words, wherever you have high levels of oxygen in your body, harmful bacteria and viruses are killed., This has been documented and proven for over a HUNDRED years. But at the same time, healthy cells survive and multiply more rapidly—causing a dramatic boost to your immune system., And this is what REVERSES your physical age—where your healthy cells can grow and multiply. yes-returned to NAD 6/18
6201 CRN truDerma Mangodrin Xtreme Formula Weight Loss Performance, Establishment, Testimonials Lose Up To 28 lbs. In just 10 Weeks No
6197 NAD VH TriDrive Supplement Sports Nutrition Performance, Testimonials TriDrive is a triathlon supplement that helps to give a Vo2 Max boost. It is uses a complex formula of adaptogen supplements that help boost endurance, improve circulation, and support the respiratory system., As an adaptogen it “works slowly with your body over time to give you access to faster recovery and improved stamina.”, TriDrive is a support to cycling nutrition as well by helping your body process nutrients faster and overcome stress quicker. It is also one of the best runner supplements that helps to ease joint stress by improving recovery time for your muscles., Boost VO2Max, Improve Stamina, Decrease Cortisol Production, Endurance Recovery, TriDrive help improve oxygen flow with the body during exercise.”, Overcome stress quicker. No
6196 P&G i-Health, Inc. Culturelle Probiotic Performance, Establishment, Testimonials Exclusively with the #1 Proven Effective Probiotic* *Based on the studies of a range of benefits throughout the lifespan., In close proximity to the claims: “works naturally with your body to keep your digestive system in balance,” “helps with occasional digestive upset, including diarrhea, gas and bloating,” and “helps your digestive system work better.”, LGG is the most clinically proven effective strain* *Based on the studies of a range of benefits throughout the lifespan. No
6195 Nestlé Nutrition Abbott Nutrition Ensure Nutrition Energy, Recovery Performance, Establishment, Doctor Recommended Feel More Strength & Energy in Just 2 Weeks, Ensure Surgery is the “#1 Doctor Recommended Brand” No
6193 CRN Bel Marra Health Hearing Rescue Hearing, Antioxidant Performance Hearing Rescue contains 9 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. , Some evidence exists that suggests free radicals play a role in noise-related hearing impairment., Vitamins and minerals such as folate and magnesium may help reduce the damage caused by repeated noise exposure and provide support in populations with low levels of folic acid., Health Benefits: Contains a combination of 9 vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients, Contains ingredients that possess antioxidant abilities, Fortified with Ginkgo biloba extract and alpha lipoic acid. No
6172 NAD The Silver Edge Micro-Particle Collidial Silver Generator Immune Health Performance Colloidal Silver: Your #1 Best Antidote to Winter Flu Season., If you’re worried about getting the flu this year, I have a profoundly effective solution for you. And it’s one that has nothing to do with prescription drugs. yes-returned to NAD 6/18
6184 CRN 2BeUnstoppable My Perfect Bones Bone Health Performance, Establishment, Testimonials The nutrients found in My Perfect Bones have been shown to reverse bone loss the natural way., “…a clinical trial reported that MCHC treated patients showed a dramatic and significant reduction in pain due to Advanced Osteoporosis., In a clinical setting, taking My Perfect Bones has shown to promote quicker recovery after bone fractures. My Perfect Bones can help any athlete, including college and professional sports, as stronger bones are less likely to fracture., Safely remineralize bones with My Perfect Bones., Magnesium and other trace elements found in My Perfect Bones are more important than Calcium alone in reversing bone loss. Yes
6173 NAD That's Natural CBD Hemp Oil Cancer Prevention Performance CBD makes cancer cells commit ‘suicide’ without killing other cells. Yes
6168 CRN Evolution Nutraceuticals Cardio Miracle Cardiovascular Health, Dental Performance Cardio Miracle improves your body’s ability to produce the powerful health molecule Nitric Oxide., Depending on your condition, you should notice a difference in a few weeks or even days., Relax and Dilate Your Blood Vessels: Nitric Oxide relaxes your blood vessels, dilating them and making them more flexible., Recent studies have found that this can also help with Neuropathy (loss of feeling in your fingers and toes) as well as dizziness., Better Dental Health: Dentists have long known there was a connection between your gums and your heart. , People who have suffered from Periodontal Disease have seen amazing improvements in gum depth in just a matter of weeks by taking a Nitric Oxide supplement., Prevent or Reverse Heart Attack and Stroke. No
6003 CRN UltraMax Health, Inc. Max Synapse Cognitive Performance, Establishment, Testimonials Increased short term memory , Drastically increase long term memory return from previous referral
6116 CRN FemaLife Nutrition, LLC Super Flora probiotic Probiotic Performance, Establishment If digestive problems have been interrupting your life for far too long then you NEED to click through to the next page and learn how to put an end to all your digestive discomforts in less than 30 seconds a day., Clinically Proven Results.” ADV return to NAD after 2017 referral
6152 Reckitt Benckiser Nature Made Omega-3 with XtrAbsorb Joint Health Performance, Establishment Nearly 4X Better Absorption* *than standard fish oil concentrate Yes
6144 P&G GSK Consumer Health Citrucel Fiber, Gas, Digestive Health Performance, Establishment, Comparative The Only Fiber For Regularity That WON’T CAUSE EXCESS GAS**, **Among the Top 5 National Brands. Based on laboratory testing. Individual results may vary., Citrucel (but not Metamucil) is “NON-FERMENTABLE.”, Citrucel (but not Metamucil) “DOESN’T CAUSE EXCESS GAS.” No
6142 Case Report CRN Cebria, LLC Cebria Cognitive Performance, Testimonials Think Faster & Remember More with Cebria., Improve Your Memory in just 30 Days., Research results indicate that Cebria creates a significant improvement in memory.
5512C CRN Healthy Directions, LLC Joint Gold Advantage Joint Health Performance, Establishment, Testimonials Claims that Joint Advantage Gold and/or its ingredients provide “fast relief,” reduce joint pain in as little as 7 days, and relieve joint discomfort/stiffness in as little as 7 days., Claims that Joint Advantage Gold and/or its ingredients are formulated to work in every joint in the human body., Consumer testimonials that claim (a) Joint Advantage Gold is effective in eliminating joint pain, (b) Joint Advantage Gold is effective in eliminating or reducing pain during strenuous activities, (c) Joint Advantage Gold is effective after 4 days use, an No
6129 Case Report NAD Balance of Nature, Inc. Balance of Nature Dietary Supplements Immune Health, Digestive Health Performance, Testimonials Our Fruits & Veggies product provides you with the real nutrition of over 10 servings of whole fruits and vegetables in a day, supplementing your body with powerful antioxidants that enhance your immune system. , Cancer is preventable., Testimonials that Balance of Nature prevents pneumonia, lowers PSA, and mitigates symptoms of MS. Yes
6128 Case Report NAD Opiate Freedom Center Opiate Freedom Center Dietary Supplements System Opiate Withdrawal Performance, Testimonials Your All In-One At-Home Detox Solution., For Those Looking for the Most Complete Natural Supplement Solution Available for a Body & Mind Depleted by Drug., Testimonials: “I totally kicked opiates! ... Your method really works. Yes
5879C Compliance NAD Clarion Brands, LLC Lipo-Flavonoid® Plus Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease Performance, Testimonials #1 recommendation of doctors for relief of ringing in the ears., More than 50 years of clinical data support the notion that Lipo-Flavonoid® Plus provides symptom improvement and relief from vertigo and tinnitus.
5222C Compliance NAD Europharma, Inc. Curamin Joint Health Performance Stop Pain Now, ...exceptional pain relief
6113 Case Report CRN EU Natural, Inc. Stonebreaker Kidney & Gallbladder Cleanse Kidney Stones, Urinary Health Performance, Establishment, Superiority A non-invasive, pain free way to cleanse and pass wanted kidney and gallbladder material., Lasting relief from nausea, restlessness, urinary tract pain and discomfort., Most consumers will benefit after a couple of days of usage.
6110 Case Report CRN Deep Sea Nutrition, LLC Ocean's Bounty Diabetes Dietary Supplements Cholesterol, Diabetes, Cognitive, Joint Health Performance, Testimonials Lower harmful LDL cholesterol., Supercharge an aging heart and arteries, plus fight diabetes., Cut your risk of memory problems 50 percent., Ease painful joints and bones.
6040C2 Brock Beauty, Inc. Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Hair Health Performance, Establishment, Testimonials Yes
6104 Mead Johnson Nutrition Similac Pro-Advance Pro-Advance Pro-Sensitive Infant Formual Digestive Health, Immune Health, Prebiotic Performance Similac will be the first and only infant formula with 2’-FL HMO (human milk oligosaccharide), an immune nourishing prebiotic previously only found* in breast milk . . . *at significant levels., Similac with 2’-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide* helps strengthen the immune system to be more like the breastfed infants than ever before (*not from human milk)., Well tolerated formulas with 2’-FL HMO for immune support. No
6040C Brock Beauty, Inc. Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Hair Health Performance, Establishment, Testimonials No
6094 Case Report Jarrow Formulas, Inc. LabDoor, Inc. LabDoor’s Dietary Supplement Rating and Ranking System Express Claim, Implied Claim Research, find, and buy the best supplements based on real science., Laboratory results and label claims for each product are used to calculate a Quality score, which is comprised of individual scores for Label Accuracy, Product Purity, Nutritional Value, Ingredient Safety and Project Efficacy., Products are ranked and assigned an A through F grade based on their overall Quality score.
6066 Case Report CRN National Media Group Neurocet Pain Relief Express Claim Lasts 26 times longer than 10 popular pain drugs., Relief lasted 5 days after one dose., Pain relief 48 times stronger than morphine., Neurocet helps you get rid of pain all over your body., Patients with the worst pain imaginable found relief in under an hour., Clinically proven results!
6062 Case Report CRN KNH Online, Inc. Adderin Cognitive Performance, Testimonials …It's one of a kind formula was engineered to ensure your brain gets all of the ingredients and vitamins it needs in the exact dosage it needs it to improve all areas of cognitive growth, including focus, energy, short and long-term memory, problem-solvin, Forbes broke the news first and uncovered that Adderin raises levels of focus and performance every day by 300%., Adderin has been clinically proven to: Sky-rocket Concentration by 312%, Improve Creative Thinking Boost Energy, Enhance Memory Recall, Increase IQ Scores by 77%. Yes
6055 Case Report Brock Beauty, Inc. Beauty Science Group, Inc. Hair La Vie Hair Health Performance, Testimonials, Endorsement The ingredients in Hair La Vie help promote existing hair growth., Whether you want to give the appearance of naturally healthy hair, need help to strengthen your strands, fortify your follicles, support your scalp, or promote vibrant, beautiful hair we’ve got you covered., Hair La Vie uses natural and safe ingredients; no fillers, harsh chemicals or artificial flavoring/coloring., Editorial content and claims on a third-party website.
6068 Case Report CRN OLLY Public Benefit Corporation Kids Mighty Immunity Immune Health Performance Formulated to help support little immune systems in the biggest way to help keep kids healthy and happy year-round., Wellmune. These beta glucans support immune health by helping to promote built-in cellular defense mechanisms., Elderberry. Respect your elders – this super food has been used for centuries to support the immune systems., Zinc. An essential mineral that helps keep immune cells functioning in tip-top shape.
6052 Case Report Europharma, Inc. UltraBotanical, Inc. UltraCur Inflammation, Pain Relief, Antioxidant Performance, Testimonials High Absorption: most advanced Curcumin available – speeds absorption in less than 20 minutes., Potency Strength: Achieve clinically relevant serum levels, with 15,000 times the bioavailability of standard curcumin and 100 times the bioavailability of piperine curcumin combination products., Only curcumin complex to achieve clinically-relevant serum levels.
6051 Case Report Bayer Healthcare, LLC The Procter & Gamble Company MiraFIBER Fiber, Digestive Health Performance Less likely to cause gas.
6048 Case Report NAD Jelly Belly Candy Company Jelly Belly Sports Beans Energizing Functional Food, Energy, Fat Burning, Antioxidant Establishment, Ingredient, Nutrition ports Beans Energizing Jelly Beans are formulated to help fuel the body during intense exercise., Clinically proven to maximize sports performance, each bean is loaded with carbs for fuel, electrolytes to help maintain fluid balance and vitamins to optimize energy release and protect cells against oxidative damage. , Scientifically Formulated to Maximize Sports Performance.
6046 Case Report NAD KARDASHIAN, Kourtney, et. al. FitTea Weight Loss, Energy, Immune Health Endorsement, Implied Claim The endorsers of FitTea failed to disclose when they were paid to endorse FitTea and did not disclose in any way their material connection to FitTea, a connection that consumers would not expect when viewing their social media posts about the product.
5706C Compliance CRN Akeso Health Sciences, LLC MigreLief Dietary Supplements Migraine Relief Performance, Establishment In addition of high doses of riboflavin, a specific combination of two forms of magnesium which maximize absorption and efficacy are used in MigreLief...contains high levels of parthenolides and other active components which other feverfew products canno, MigreLief combines all three of these ingredients into one formula, at the dosages the clinical studies show are beneficial., ...can safely be used with your migraine prescription medications or by itself.
6042 Case Report NAD Fit Products, LLC FitTea Weight Loss, Energy, Immune Health Express Claim, Testimonials Boost Energy, Boost Immunity, Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat, "It did everything it said and more, it curbed my appetite, last month I found out that it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, that was incredible."
6039 Case Report NAD Slim-Fast Foods Comapny Slim-Fast 100 Calorie Snack Functional Food, Weight Loss Implied Claim, Native Advertising Article titled “Snack Your Way to Slim,” told the stories of three women who “met their weight loss goals the easy way – by picking a plan that works and giving in to their cravings” and claiming Slim-Fast is the “superfast slim-down secret - cover story
6032 Case Report Health Logic, Inc. NEOCELL CORPORATION NeoCell Collagen Dietary Supplement Joint Health Performance, Ingredient, Implied Claim, Product Description The true science of collagen., Supports joint comfort and mobility.
6021 Case Report NAD BioPharmX Inc. Violet Iodine Breast Health Supplement Breast Health Performance, Establishment Violet Iodine is a daily iodine supplement clinically demonstrated to alleviate the common symptoms of cyclic mastalgia and fibrocystic breast condition (FBC), including swelling, tenderness, aches and heaviness and promotes optimal breast health., Molecular iodine is a form of iodine that has been demonstrated to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual breast discomfort...and help restore the natural, healthy balance of breast cells.
6017 Case Report NAD Princeton Nutrients, LLC VitaPulse Cognitive, Energy, Sleep, Joint Health, Muscle Pain Express Claim, Testimonials Ease Joint Pain & Stiffness., Improves Sleep and Reduces Anxiety., Feeling of Mental Sharpness & Clarity.
6008 Case Report NAD IsoSensuals Vaginal Health Vaginal Health Performance Enjoy Tighter, Permanent Results! Help restore the vagina’s suppleness. Contract & reshape the vaginal walls. Restore lubrication & eliminate vaginal dryness., all natural supplement that will reverse the loss of elasticity from childbirth, hormonal changes, and aging.
6031 Case Report CRN Yukon Reyes Consulting, LLC ProBrain Dietary Supplements Cognitive Performance Feel the effects within the first 30 minutes., ...improves mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention and concentration., ProBrain is scientifically proven to drastically boost your memory and guard your neural function against brain fog syndrome.
6003 Case Report CRN UltraMax Health, Inc. Max Synapse Cognitive Performance, Testimonials, Comparative, Superiority Drastically increase long term memory., Improves your energy levels. Increase concentration., …the #1 natural cognitive enhancer that is guaranteed to noticeably improve your focus and memory within the first week as well as increase your energy levels and get rid of that feeling of mental fatigue forever. Yes
6000 Case Report CRN HFL Solutions, Inc. Blood Sugar Optimizer Blood Sugar, Energy Performance, Testimonials Improves carb sensitivity & glucose metabolism., Promotes insulin sensitivity and antioxidant protection., Prevents mood swings & energy crashes. Reduce sugar & carbohydrate cravings.
5998 Case Report VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc BAI Brands, LLC Bai5 Beverages Functional Food, Antioxidant Express Claim, Ingredient, Implied Claim Express and implied claims related to the amount of antioxidants.
5995 Case Report NAD Nootrobox, Inc. Nootropics - RISE™, SPRINT®, and YAWN™ Cognitive, Energy Performance, Testimonials Increase your baseline cognition. Shown to increase working memory and resilience to stress., Conquer exams, deadlines or any mentally demanding task., ...helps you get to sleep faster, sink into deep sleep more reliably and wake up more refreshed and rejuvenated.
5991 Case Report NAD DSE Healthcare, LLC Prerelief Urinary Health, Digestive Health Performance, Testimonials Prelief helps prevent the discomfort of food-caused bladder irritations, heartburn and other food acid problems before they happen., Prelief is the only acid fighter that is designed to take irritating acids out of the foods you eat, while leaving your protective stomach acid untouched..
5985 Case Report CRN Verified Verified Performance, Establishment Fast results. 71.8% of our forskolin users claim they have started witnessing positive, satisfying results within 4-6 days., in a natural way where it will help you get rid of cancer without any side effects., ...through the use of capsules containing Forskolin it is very easy to treat asthma., Through use of forskolin it is possible to get rid of excess fats from the body...will lead to opening the blood vessels for effective working of the heart where it will pump blood to different parts of the body easily. Yes
5982 Case Report Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Inc Legacy Labs LLC Cognitine Cognitive Performance, Establishment, Superiority Reverse age related cognitive decline., You will have incredible focus and mental health in a matter of days and stabilize your mood as well., ...a safe natural dietary supplement that was developed by Legacy Labs, backed by proven research studies....
5980 Case Report NAD M&M/Mars CocoaVia Cocoa Extract Cardiovascular Health Performance, Health and Safety ...delivers the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols, which are scientifically proven to promote a healthy heart by supporting healthy blood flow, helping firefighters, or anyone, maintain who they are for years to come.
5976 Case Report NAD Goop, Inc. Moon Juice Action Dust and Brain Dust Cognitive, Energy, Stress Management Performance, Product Description Made with enlightening herbs like astragalus and gingko, used for centuries by great thinkers and meditators, this adaptogenic elixir is designed to maintain healthy systems for superior cognitive flow, clarity, memory, creativity, alertness, and the capa, Medicinal Grade, Adaptogenic Potion, All Organic or Wild.
5975 Case Report NAD Erikson Bioscience/Basic Research, LLC The European Wrinkle Pill Anti-aging Performance This incredible oral compound has the power to make your skin younger. It won’t just look younger… it will actually be younger., It’s able to improve the skin everywhere, from the face, neck, and décolleté to crepey arms, loose abdominal skin… even buttock sag and elbow wrinkles., It is sort of like a facelift for your whole body: it works from the end of your nose to the tips of your toes. Yes
5966 Case Report Great HealthWorks, Inc. Omax3 Ultra Pure Dietary Supplement Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Omega-3 Performance, Establishment, Superiority And unlike other fish oils, Omax3 will not raise low-density lipoproteins (LDL)., While most fish oil products can help with blood lipids, Omax3 has been shown to help people with LDL, something other fish oil products don’t., Nearly 100% purity: Omax3 is the most concentrated omega-3 available. Most fish-oil/omega- 3 supplements only contain 30-60% omega-3.
5959 Case Report CRN Advance Nutritional Innovations, Inc. ionDEFENDER Radiation/Cell Protection Performance, Establishment Protect the body against damaging radiation!, ...clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by stimulating the body to produce more of its own protective antioxidant enzymes., It also helps protect the body against free-radicals generated by toxins, including hangover (alcohol), airline cabin air (ozone), and those created by normal metabolism, all factors in aging.
5952 Case Report CRN Mega-T, LLC Mega-T Green Tea Fat Burning Supplement Weight Loss, Digestive Health Performance, Health and Safety Probiotics help you to better digest carbs and proteins and green tea is clinically proven to help you burn fat and boost your metabolism., Every Mega-T product is scientifically formulated to help boost your metabolism so that your body works more effectively to use the fuel consumed, store less fat, and lose more weight.
5901C Compliance NAD New Nordic USA, Inc. Skin Care Collagen Filler Anti-aging Performance, Ingredient, Testimonials Skin Care works from the inside -- by nourishing the deep layers of the skin, where traditional skin care treatments seldom reach. Yes
5931 Case Report NAD NuScience Corporation Cellfood Cell Function, Hydration, Detoxification Performance Cellfood’s unique formula helps keep your body well hydrated throughout the day and night. , By adding 24 drops of Cellfood to your water bottle each day, you’ll clean and detoxify, help to eliminate free radicals and bring oxygen, hydrogen and plant nutrients into your body.
5879 NARB Panel NAD Clarion Brands LLC LipoFlavoniod Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease Performance, Implied Claim, Testimonials The only product supported by 50 years of clinical use., Helps ease the ear ringing that characterizes tinnitus.
5918 Case Report NAD Silver Star Brands, Inc. JuniorSlim Children's Weight Loss Performance, Implied Claim, Testimonials Supports the digestive system by maintaining the natural breakdown of fats. , Addresses the tendency to comfort eat.
5914 Case Report NAD Brain Fire Brain Fire Cognitive Performance, Establishment, Implied Claim Mental Clarity – Enhances Neurotransmitters in the brain naturally. , Improved memory., Effective nootropic – proven scientific ingredient profile that works.
5912 Case Report NAD Vital G-NETICS Flexsure Joint Health Performance, Establishment, Testimonials, Comparative Researchers Conclude: FlexSure has been clinically proven to be effective AND safe. , Clinical trials showed that FlexSure users had significant increases in joint comfort, mobility and flexibility., Significant results were seen in 7 DAYS!
5873 NARB Panel The Procter & Gamble Company Novartis/GSK Consumer HealthCare Benefiber Digestive Health Performance Helps maintain regularity.
5907 Case Report NAD Neuracel Nerve Pain Relief Nerve Pain Relief Performance, Testimonials The Complete Natural Everyday Nerve Pain Miracle , One New Supplement Does Everything and Keeps You Comfortable ALL Day Long. Plus, you can say “good bye” to dangerous side effects., No More Nerve Pain. Surgery Is Not An Option. No
5904 Case Report Lifes2Good, Inc. Brock Beauty Hairfinity Hair Health Performance, Establishment Clinically proven to decrease number of hairs shed and increase hair growth. , Our B-Vitamin complex nourishes and supports a healthy scalp and hair growth., Hairfinity Hair Vitamins are formulated with hair specific nutrients to nourish your hair from the INSIDE OUT and promote faster growing, longer, thicker, stronger hair, and more vibrant hair. No
5901 Case Report NAD New Nordic USA, Inc. Skin Care Collagen Filler Anti-aging Performance, Establishment Helps reduce the formation of new wrinkles. , Promotes the skin’s own formation of collagen. No
5895 Case Report NAD Health Energetic Labs HeightGrowth Plus Height gains (adults) Performance, Establishment People Between The Ages Of 22 To 35 Can Expect To Grow Anywhere From 1″-3″ Inches Every 6 Months With HeightGrowth Plus®.  , People Between The Ages Of 16 To 21 Can Expect To Grow Anywhere From 3″-5″ Inches Every 6 Months With HeightGrowth Plus®., Clinically proven to make you taller!, NOTE: Referred then discontinued as per FTC closing letter) No
5892 Case Report CRN Eok Marketing, LLC d/b/a Marine Essentials OmegaFlex Dietary Supplements Joint Health Establishment, Performance, Comparative Scientists have made an amazing breakthrough that can dramatically reduce your joint pain...And In As Little As Seven Days…, …another natural powerful joint pain fighter in OmegaFlex as well…over 17 studies reveal how effective this nutrient is against joint pain., Here's what's most amazing about calamarine…It Gives You a Whopping 85% More DHA Than Fish Oil No
5891 Case Report NAD Advanced Orthomolecular Research UTI Cleanse, Now with Cranberry Urinary Health Performance, Establishment A natural solution for urinary tract infections., Provides plant extracts for preventing UTIs., Helps fight off acute UTIs and prevent their recurrence., Safe and effective relief without the side effects of antibiotics. No
5890 Case Report NAD American Dream Nutrition, LLC PhytoZon Dietary Supplement Cognitive, Energy, Cardiovascular Health, Joint Health Performance, Establishment Brain/Body Balance – Mental Clarity, Focus/Recall, Energy, Vitality, Increased Strength, Well Being , Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis Yes
5882 Case Report NAD Moon Juice MesoSilver Collidial Silver Mineral Supplement Detoxification, Disesase Claims (Infection) Performance With the highest bioavailability of any colloidal silver, MesoSilver’s small particle size and high particle concentration of nanoparticle silver combats fungus, viruses and harmful bacteria on contact., It helps the body to reach a deeper detoxification while strengthening the immune system. No
5852 Compliance CRN Institute for Vibrant Living Alleviate Joint Health, Immune Health, Pain Relief Establishment, Performance Bone-on-bone pain: gone , Knee surgery: canceled , Pain shots: no way No
5606CIV NAD New Nordic USA, inc. Hair Health Performance Testimonial: "My hair became thinner and I was totally freaking out. After a few weeks with Hair Volume I was impressed. My hair looks great. I’m so happy I have found these tablets. Yes
5606 Compliance (#4) NAD New Nordic USA, inc. Hair Volume Hair Health Performance, Testimonials Testimonial: "My hair became thinner and I was totally freaking out. After a few weeks with , Hair Volume I was impressed. My hair looks great. I’m so happy I have found these tablets. Yes
5881 Case Report Lifes2Good Lang Pharma Nutrition, Inc. CVS Hair Nourishing Supplement Hair Health Comparative, Superiority Compare to Viviscal No
5879 Case Report NAD Clarion Brands, LLC Lipo-Flavonoid Plus Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease Performance, Establishment, Testimonials The only product supported by 50 years of clinical use. , Lipo-Flavonoid Plus provides dietary support to improve circulation in your ear., Helps ease the ear ringing that characterizes tinnitus. No
5739 Compliance(2) Bayer Consumer Healthcare Nature's Way Brands, LLC Alive! Women’s Energy, Alive! Men’s Energy, Alive! Women’s 50+, and Alive! Men’s 50+ Multivitamins Multivitamin Implied Claim, Ingredient Orchard Fruit, Garden Veggie No
5872 Case Report The Procter & Gamble Company Benefiber Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. Digestive Health Performance Benefiber “Helps Maintain Regularity.” No
5871 Case Report CRN Arthri-D, LLC Arthri-D3 Joint Health Performance, Testimonials, Implied Claim Testimonials: “Just like you I suffered with arthritis pain in my knees, my shoulder, and my lower back, so much that I could barely get out of bed in the morning. Then I found Arthri-D, After just a few weeks on Arthri-D3, all my joint pain was gone. No back, shoulder, or knee pain. Now I go hiking, biking, and kayaking all the time., I am so thankful because I can walk. My legs are better than people who have had knee surgery. I wouldn’t live without Arthri-D3 No
5870 Case Report CRN Great HealthWorks, Inc. Omega XL Omega-3, Joint Health Comparative, Superiority, Performance, Testimonials Omega XL is pure and contains no levels of harmful toxins or PCBs that are sometimes associated with fish oil products sourced from other parts of the world., Makes It Easy For You To Get Back What Joint Pain and Inflammation Are Limiting You From Doing Because Omega XL Works! No
5865 Case Report NAD Motherlove Herbal Company More Milk Plus Lactation Support Efficacy, Performance, Testimonials A safe and effective herbal formula designed to quickly increase breast milk for breastfeeding mothers. • Best selling breastfeeding supplement in the U.S., Best selling breastfeeding supplement in the U.S. No
5861 Case Report Van-Stokely Camp, Inc. Aspire Beverage Company Aspire Sports Drink Functional Food, Immune Health Performance, Superiority The vitamin B3 in ASPIRE has been proven to increase HDL levels (good cholesterol)…,thus decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease., The antioxidants in ASPIRE make …it easier to fight colds, flu, and infections., Gatorade is “junk,” “artificial junk,” or “old neon colored junk". No
5857 Case Report CRN Inspired Nutrition, LLC Ultimate Bio-Fibrin Fibrin Dissolution Establishment, Performance The Best Enzymes Clinical Studies Show to Dissolve Fibrin Biofilms, Cysts and Internal Scarring!” “New hope for conquering chronic diseases like MRSA staph, Lyme disease, HIV, Hepatitis, Shingles, Herpes.” No
5852 Case Report CRN Institute For Vibrant Living Alleviate Joint Health Establishment, Performance, Testimonials Bone-on-bone pain is history., …also includes an herbal painkiller SO powerful, many of our customers have reported almost instant relief., • …also includes an herbal painkiller SO powerful, many of our customers have reported almost instant relief. • No
5850 Case Report CRN Health Solutions, LLC PhytoZon Supplements Cognitive, Energy, Cardiovascular Health, Joint Health Performance Forget Pain Today., Proven Effective Results. No
5725C Compliance NourishLife, Inc. Pursuit of Research, LLC Nutriiveda Dietary Supplement Cognitive, Speech Development Testimonials, Performance Strong parental and professional anecdotal reports that it's helping those with autism, apraxia, ADHD, seizures, TBI and other conditions within days of use., NOTE: Referred to Government Agency: Yes. (Discontinued as per FTC closing letter) No
5266C Compliance NAD Marabou Limited GenFX Cognitive, Sleep, Anti-aging, Sexual Performance, Weight Loss, Bone Health, Cholesterol Testimonials, Performance GenFX will boost HGH levels to “more youthful levels.", Skin that looks and feels firmer and smoother, weight loss with decreased body fat, increased lean muscle, greater memory and focus..., ...better mood, stronger bones and increased bone density, lowered cholesterol, clearer healthier vision, better sleep and reinvigorated sex drive and performance. No
5840 Case Report CRN Silver Star Brands, Inc. Native Remedies® A+ TestCalmer Cognitive Testimonials, Performance Herbal supplement for a calm mood and memory function during test taking., Supports nerves without ‘dulling’ the mind or affecting concentration., Supports confidence to maximize study efforts. No
5837 Case Report CRN All Health Supplement Systems, LLC Big "C" Dietary Supplements Immune Health Performance Research the 16 ingredients, they all have shown different positive results in battling cancer in various lab studies and may help., As many as 70% of known causes of cancers are avoidable and are related to diet and lifestyle. No
5831 Case Report CRN Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc. Six Star Whey Protein Plus Muscle Health Establishment, Performance, Testimonials Scientifically Shown To Build 70% More Muscle., Test Subjects Gained 4x The Muscle., ..Clinically Shown To Build More Muscle And Strength Than Whey Protein Alone. No
5770 NARB Panel CRN Neogenis, LLC Neo40 Daily Dietary Supplements Cardiovascular Health Establishment, Performance Neo40 Daily is proven to help the body naturally increase its nitric oxide level (which helps support): Blood Pressure, Triglycerides, Energy Levels, Workout Endurance, Sexual Function. No
5807 Case Report Minnesota Weight Control, LLC SlimGenics, LLC SlimGenics Weight-Loss Clinics Weight Loss Testimonials, Performance I was amazed at how fast the weight came off and I was never hungry., I lost 40 pounds … [and] learned how to keep the weight off for good., Individualized, step-by-step nutritional plan that gives you the framework to eat the right foods at the right times, resulting in rapid weight-loss. No
5739C Compliance Bayer Consumer Healthcare Nature's Way Brands, LLC Alive! Women’s Energy, Alive! Men’s Energy, Alive! Women’s 50+, and Alive! Men’s 50+ Multivitamins Multivitamin Implied Claim With Alive! you will find Orchard Fruits™ and Garden Veggies™ in every multivitamin. No
5804 Case Report Europharma, Inc. Natural Factors, Inc. CurcuminRich Tumeric Root Extract with Theracurmin, Theracurmin-Pro 300, Theracurmin-Pro 600 Inflammation Establishment, Superiority The most absorbable curcumin on the market., Clinically proven as the most bioavailable curcumin., Number one absorbed form of curcumin. No
5606CIII Compliance (#3) NAD New Nordic Hair Volume Hair Health Testimonials, Performance Testimonial that product will halt hair loss No
5794 Case Report NAD Lifes2Good, LLC Viviscal Hair Health Establishment, Performance Discover the clinically proven answer to thicker, fuller, hair., Promotes Existing Hair Growth. No
5787 Case Report NAD Nature4Life Tomato Natural Weight Loss Capsule Weight Loss Establishment, Performance Acts as a powerful appetite suppressant, increase metabolism in the stomach., Lower the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, tomato pills beat heart disease. No
5786 Case Report CRN Obesity Research Institute Lipozene Weight Loss Establishment, Performance Lipozene is an all-natural weight loss supplement that is clinically proven to help you lose weight and pure body fat., In an independent study, not only did participants taking Lipozene lose weight, but 78% of each pound lost was pure body fat. Yes
5784 Case Report CRN LifeCaps Nutraceuticals, LLC LifeCaps Meal Replacement/Survival Pill Health and Safety, Performance, Ingredient, Nutrition LifeCaps (Emergency Food-Replacement Pill) will not only help sustain your life in an emergency, it will help keep you healthy, satiated and comfortable as well, ...contains the perfect amount of nutrients that work together with our proprietary micro-particulate blend to create a metabolic trigger…, [t]his allows your brain and vital organs to utilize the sugars, proteins and carbohydrates that are stored within body fat for energy., LifeCaps is safe for children over 4 years of age. No
5777 Case Report NAD Garcinia Cambogia Powder with 50% HCA Dietary Supplements Immune Health Performance Some of the possible health benefits of Garcinia Cambogia [is that it]… fights… [the] ebola virus. No
5770 Case Report CRN Neogenis, LLC Neo40 Daily Dietary Supplements Cardiovascular Health Establishment, Performance Neo40 Daily is proven to help the body naturally increase its nitric oxide level (which helps support): Blood Pressure, Triglycerides, Energy Levels, Workout Endurance, Sexual Function. No
5761 Case Report CRN Cerebral Success SmartX Premium Brain Supplement Cognitive Efficacy, Performance, Testimonials Designed to enhance memory, focus & mental agility: boost focus & concentration; stimulate mental energy & agility; enhance memory & recall; improve brain health & function; and reduce anxiety., Cerebral Success was specifically designed as a study pill to provide an Adderall alternative for students who are taking the drug without a prescription. No
5739 Case Report Bayer Consumer Healthcare Nature’s Way Brands, LLC Alive! Women’s Energy, Alive! Men’s Energy, Alive! Women’s 50+, and Alive! Men’s 50+ Multivitamins Multivitamin Establishment, Performance Made with 26 fruits and vegetables., Superior Potency – 100%+ daily value of 20 vitamins/minerals. No
5606 Compliance NAD New Nordic US, Inc. Hair Volume Hair Health Testimonials, Performance After a few weeks with Hair Volume I was impressed. My hair looks great. I’m so happy I have found these tablets. No
5333 Compliance NAD New Nordic US, Inc. Mulberry Zuccarin Dietary Supplement Blood Sugar Endorsement, Efficacy, Ingredient, Performance Stabilize your blood sugar levels with this new highly concentrated mulberry leaf extract., Block carbohydrate digestion and regulate your blood sugar with this new unique and highly concentrated mulberry leaf extract. No
5727 Case Report CRN RDK Global Pharmaceuticals Provailen Joint Health Establishment, Performance, Testimonials Stops Arthritis Pain At The Source!, 87.6% of clients asked experience up to 90% reduction in arthritis pain., …why would you not try this fungus which has proven to help alleviate the majority of arthritis issues? Yes
5725 Case Report NourishLife, LLC Pursuit of Research, LLC Nutriiveda Dietary Supplement Cognitive, Speech Development Establishment, Performance ..many others seeing the same surges in their children (of all ages from 2 years old to teens to adults) with diagnosis of apraxia, autism, TBI, global delays, ADHD., Nearly 100% success rate...results within a few days. No
5331 Compliance NAD LifProducts, Inc F’rst Defenz Immune Health Ingredient, Preventive Health, Exclusivity, Testimonials Helps: Stop a Cold and Sore Throat, Maintain Healthy Gums & Teeth, Remove Plaque and Tartar, Freshen Breath., Uniquely formulated with 100% natural essential oils and herbal extracts. No
5663 Case Report NAD DSM Nutritional Products LLC life'sDHA Omega-3 Supplements Cognitive Establishment, Performance Looking for a better way to remember things? Remember life’s DHA., Life’sDHA is the only omega-3 clinically shown to improve memory. No
5738 Case Report CRN Bell Lifestyle Products Virux Viral Infections #42 Immune Health Health and Safety Helps you with sexually transmitted diseases, herpes, cold sores, and influenza., African plant base that has the ability to inhibit virus replication in our bodies., Virux works immediately to lessen or kill herpes and other viruses (implied claim). No
5714 Case Report NAD iSatori, Inc. Energize- The All-Day Energy Pill Energy Establishment, Performance Just take two Energize tablets in the morning for all-day energy., No Jitters, No Crash, No Bitter Taste!, 8-Hour Efficacy Shown in Clinical Testing. No
5709 Case Report CRN Lutimax Nutraceuticals, LLC Lutimax Pediatric Powder & Pediatric Powder with L-Theanine ADD/ADHD Performance, Testimonials ...can help with speech improvement, emotional attachment, cognitive functions, coordination, behavior outbursts, attention span, intimacy, interaction, and comprehension., If you have a hyper-active child Lutimax Pediatric Powder with L-Theanine would be recommended as a first choice., ..clinically shown to help improve the quality of life in children. No
5706 Case Report CRN Akeso Health Sciences, LLC MigreLief Original Formula for Adults & Children's Migrelief Migraine Relief Establishment, Performance, Testimonials MigreLief contains a patented ‘Triple Therapy’ approach to reestablishing normal cerebrovascular tone and function which is disrupted in children who have migraines., Puracol, MigreLief’s blend of 2 unique feverfew sources, magnesium from 2 sources and high dose, highly absorbable riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) have all independently been shown to be of significant therapeutic benefit to chronic migraine sufferers. No
5690 Case Report NAD geneME, LLC geneME Wellness Supplements Personalized Wellness Establishment, Performance Scientifically-Validated Wellness Formula Made Just for You., Only geneME is scientifically formulated to reverse your personal and specific genetic weaknesses. No
5680 Case Report CRN Elements of Health Care, LLC L-arginine Plus Anti-aging, Cardiovascular Health, General Health Establishment, Performance, Testimonials L-arginine Plus™ is based on a Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough that some consider to be one of the most important advancements in the fight to naturally lower High Blood Pressure, Stroke, High Cholesterol, and Heart Attack in the last 50 years!, L-arginine supplementation has been shown to encourage the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone (HGH). Yes
5073C Compliance NAD Brain Research Labs Procera AVH Cognitive Performance Vinpocetine, a substance that helps deliver increased oxygen and glucose to your brain. Yes
5675 Case Report NAD Pharmavite, LLC NatureMade Letter Vitamins, Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, CoQ10 and Diabetes Health Pack Supplements General Health Superiority #1 Pharmacist Letter Vitamin Brand (US News & World Report - Pharmacy Times Survey) Yes
5666 Case Report NAD Trinity Sports Group, LLC NeuroImpact Cognitive Establishment, Testimonials Brain Recovery Support for Contact Sports., Clinically Tested., Patent-pending product clinically proven to support proper neurological function after contact sports. No
4749C Compliance NAD Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Energy Performance No crash! No
5671 Case Report NAD Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems Omega Skin & Mood Dietary Supplement Mood, Anti-aging Performance The unique combination of DHA, EPA, along with astaxanthin, ResVinol-25 and GLA, work to reduce visible signs of aging… No
5672 Case Report NAD COORGA Nutraceuticals Corporation Grey Defence Hair Health Performance Reverse Grey Hair in 6 Months!, Grey defence neutralizes hydrogen peroxide on contact, helping to slop, stop and reverse grey hair due to oxidatve stress. Yes
5665 Case Report NAD American Media, Inc. Shape Water Boosters Energy, Beauty Native Advertising, Implied Claim Advertising appeared to be editorial content and may mislead or confuse consumers who may attach a different weight or significance to editorial content versus pure advertising content. No
5662 Case Report CRN Prescription Vitamins, LLC Statinzyme Muscle Pain, Cardiovascular Health Health and Safety The composition is a unique innovation and reinvention of the old hair, skin and nail tablet., ...may reduce cardiovascular risk in patients who are suffering from statin induced vitamin D deficiency. No
5606C Compliance NAD New Nordic USA, Inc. Hair Volume Hair Health Health and Safety, Performance The composition is a unique innovation and reinvention of the old hair, skin and nail tablet., Thousands of people have already experienced the benefits of Hair Volume, which has made it the world’s leading hair tablet with natural apple hair growth., Strengthens hair. No
5660 Case Report NAD Bremmen Clinical, LLC Vysera-CLS Weight Loss Performance A Pill That Can Reshape Your Entire Body in 30 Days., ...dropping inch upon inch of unsightly fat from your waist, hips, thighs and tummy… even if you’re eating more than 2,000 calories a day!, Last but not least...cause a significant loss of actual fat mass from all over your body. Yes
187 NARB Panel NAD Media Consumer Healthcare, Inc. MidNite PM Sleep Establishment, Performance Advertiser can not make a "fast" sleep claim for the ingredient melatonin No
5647 Case Report NAD Maxam Nutraceuticals, LLC PCA Dietary Supplement Detoxification Performance, Establishment PCA is the only product ever specifically developed to naturally help your body safely and effectively remove all toxins, poisons, chemicals or anything that is not part of a healthy living biological system., PCA has been used and proven over the last 15 years to be the most effective toxin remover available. Yes
5641 Case Report CRN HealthyLife Sciences, LLC Healthe Trim Weight Loss Establishment, Performance ..safely suppresses your appetite and speeds your metabolism so you can lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived., With all natural ingredients and clinically proven results, Healthe Trim equips your body to maximize weight loss. No
5631 Case Report NAD Maximum Human Performance, LLC MYO-X Muscle Health Establishment, Performance Clinically shown to reduce myostatin in 100% of human test subjects..., Backed by more than a decade of evolutionary bench work and published scientific research showing it can truly reduce human myostatin levels! No
5629 Case Report NAD WellNx Life Science, Inc. NV Hollywood Weight-Loss Supplements Weight Loss Establishment, Efficacy, Implied Claim, Performance, Testimonials ...Drop 1 jean size in 2 weeks., Backed by 2 clinical studies., Implied claim that normal weight individuals will see fast weight loss. No
5627 Case Report NAD Supragenix, LLC CB-1 Weight Gainer Weight Gain Implied Claim, Performance Average weight gain of 9.4 lbs. in only 4 weeks. No
5621 Case Report CARU Pharmacare US, Inc. Kid Smart Fish Oil Omega-3 Health and Safety Omega-3 can help support brain function, normal focus and mood. No
5620 Case Report NAD NourishLife, LLC SpeechNutrients Speak Speech Development Establishment, Efficacy, Implied Claim, Performance, Testimonials ...special blend of nutrients provides targeted benefits including: nutritional support of verbal and motor skills, reduction in oxidative stress , and promotion of a healthy inflammatory response., See benefits “as soon as the first week.", ...combination of omega-3 within vitamin E together had a dramatic impact on these children’s symptoms, not only helping with speech, but also improved eye contact and helping to improve pain sensation. No
5614 Case Report NAD BPI Sports, LLC Go Performance Pre-Training Powder Energy, Sports Nutrition Superiority Stronger than 13 DMAA., Hits You Harder. Lasts Longer. Crazy Energy. Zero Crash. No
5613 Case Report NAD BPI Sports, LLC 1 M.R. (One More Rep) Pre-Workout Powder Sports Nutrition Superiority #1 Strongest Pre-Workout Formula., #1 Professional Bodybuilding “Dialed In” Vehicle. No
5612 Case Report NAD BPI Sports, LLC SAAs Energy Dietary Supplement Energy, Sports Nutrition Performance Perfect anabolic aminos., Go Faster. Build Muscle. No
5606 Case Report NAD New Nordic USA, Inc. Hair Volume Hair Health Testimonials, Performance Strengthens your hair. With hair growth factors and minerals for hair follicles, skin and nails. No
5611 Case Report NAD, Inc. Immunotect Immune Health Ingredient A carefully selected combination of ten powerful immune-supporting, cancer-fighting mushroom species with varying and synergistic immune strengthening action. No
5603 Case Report NAD GAT (German-American Technologies) NITRAFLEX Hyperemia & Testosterone Enhancing PWD Sports Nutrition, Testosterone Establishment, Performance Clinically proven to increase strength! Vasodilation Testosterone Reactive Hyperemia (Muscle Pumps) Strength Energy Hardness., In just 2 short weeks, pilot test subjects...Increased muscle work capacity by 21.6%...Bench press increased up to 10 lbs...Increased their free testosterone by avg. 13.4%. No
5601 Case Report CRN Green Tea Hawaii, LLC Raspberry Ketone Drink at cells exposed to these adiponectin rich ketones become “excited” and start reducing as few as 5 days., By reducing drops or spikes in blood sugar, you increase energy and regulate mood. This will prevent binging due to sudden hunger spells., NOTE: Referred to government agency - yes (re-opened 9/17/13) closed 10/18/2013 No
5596 Case Report NAD The Winning Combination, Inc. Abrexin Weight Loss Supplement Weight Loss Establishment, Performance, Testimonials Lose Weight While You Sleep!, No need to alter your lifestyle with hard to follow diets or impossible to stick to workouts., A 40% reduction in the fat that hides just under your skin. No
5588 Case Report CRN Institute for Wellbeing, Inc. Virasyl Immune Health, Detoxification Establishment, Performance Formulated in a medical clinic and backed by research to support...GI Tract & Immune System, Nerves & Mental Clarity, Joint & Muscles, Detox & Purification. , roperties of humic acid benefit people seeking immune support. No
5598 Case Report NAD Media Consumer Healthcare, Inc. MidNite PM Sleep Performance The only one you can take in the middle of the night., Promotes healthy sleep and manages minor pain. No
5576 Case Report NAD UPSlabs, LLC Jack3d Products Energy, Sports Nutrition Express Claim, Establishment Being three-quarters through your workout and feeling like you’ve got a full tank., The Original, University Studied legend. No
5571 Case Report NAD USPlabs, LLC AP Dietary Supplement Weight Loss Establishment, Implied Claim Clinical study demonstrates first dose effectiveness., Taking AP dietary supplement before eating renders carbohydrates non-digestible (implied). No
5569 Case Report Nutrition 21, LLC InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc. Zychrome Diabetes Establishment, Performance 2x more effective than chromium picolinate in improving insulin function., Zychrome outperformed chromium picolinate on multiple key parameters tested., 88% of diabetic educators prefer Zychrome over chromium picolinate for insulin management... No
5550 Case Report CRN Star Herbs, LLC My Low Press Blood Pressure Establishment, Performance Star Herbs’ My Low Press herbal formula offers powerful, all-natural support for lowering blood pressure and maintaining it at normal levels without any side effects., My Low Press also helps alleviate blood related deficiencies such as anemia and dizziness. No
184 NARB Panel CRN Healthy Directions, LLC Joint Advantage Gold Joint Health Establishment, Performance, Testimonials Reduce joint pain - in as little as 7 days!
5557 Case Report Europharma, Inc. Natural Factors, Inc. CurcuminRich Tumeric Root Extract Theracurmin & Theracurmin-Pro 300 Inflammation Superiority, Performance Theracurmin is the only curcumin preparation to demonstrate a clear dose response., The only product that has shown to actually increase the free curcumin form is Theracurmin. As free curcumin is significantly more active than the metabolites, it is extremely likely that Theracurmin is not only better absorbed, but it also produces addit No
5545 Case Report Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. ProPhase Labs, Inc. Cold-EEZE® Immune Health Establishment, Efficacy, Implied Claim, Comparative, Superiority Clinical Studies have shown: the Cold-EEZE® proprietary formula reduces the duration and severity of colds by nearly half., Cold-EEZE®...releases zinc ions, which interfere with the cold virus’ ability to reproduce. No
5539 Case Report CRN Ampersand Industries, LLC Trimedisyn Prenatal Vitamin Prenatal Health Performance Daily intake of Folic Acid (400 mcg) can help prevent having a child with a brain or spinal cord birth defect., Scientific evidence suggests that calcium supplements may reduce the risk hypertension and pregnancy-related hypertension and preeclampsia during pregnancy., Probiotics can help reduce occurrences of eczema shown in double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trials. No
5538 Case Report CRN Body Dynamics, Inc. Mega Cleanse Liver Health, Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Efficacy Contains 42 herbs and super foods to cleanse toxins from the liver, colon, kidneys, lymphatic system and blood., Herbs in this formula help to stabilize blood sugar levels., Herbs in this formula help to stabilize blood sugar levels. No
5536 Case Report CRN Nature's Answer, LLC Bio-Strath Food Supplement Immune Health, Cognitive Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown io-Strath groups yielded better results in terms of the general state of health, concentration, fatigue, vitality and stress, along with fewer absences from work, than the flu vaccination group and the control group., 76% improvement in ADD/ADHD; better grades as a result of higher levels of concentration. No
5535 Case Report CRN Proactive Life, LLC Diabetes Support Supplements Diabetes, Cholesterol Performance Lower bad cholesterol., Turmeric lowers insulin levels by 20%. No
5529 Case Report NAD Borba, Inc. Skin Balance Water Products (Age Defying / Clarifying / Firming / Replenishing) Skin Health Performance Scientifically designed blend of nutrients intended to help with clogged pores, troubled skin and multiple impurities and allow your body to help skin regenerate its natural support system and improve clarity., Age-fighting skin renewers intended to enhance your youthful appearance by softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and renew skin’s natural glow., Intended to promote the skin’s natural support system, helping to nourish and tone the skin. No
5421C Compliance CRN Barlow Herbal Specialities, Inc. LDM-100 Antibiotic Efficacy, Establishment Broad spectrum plant antibiotic, Virastatic, Bacteriostatic, Fungicidal (influenza, colds, respiratory and urinary infections, staph and strep infections, skin infections, warts, etc.)”, Implied claim that LDM-100 performs like a pharmaceutical grade antibiotic. No
5512 Case Report CRN Healthy Directions, LLC Joint Gold Advantage Joint Health Efficacy Reduce joint pain - in as little as 7 days!, Build healthy joint cartilage., Eliminate stiffness. No
5501 Case Report Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition Inc. Abbott Nutrition Ensure Clinical Strength Nutrition Supplement General Health Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown Ensure nutritional drink is “clinical strength” and provides “clinical nutrition” that will help ailing patients to recover more quickly., 3 out of 4 doctors recommend the Ensure Clinical Strength variety and is the number one doctor recommended drink and as opposed to the Ensure brand (implied claims). No
5489 Case Report CRN Pharmapro, Inc. Sterodrol Supplements Body Building Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown The most powerful size and strength gaining compound available., he most powerful legal steroid alternative. No
5485 Case Report NAD Interceuticals, Inc. BetterWOMAN Urinary Health Efficacy, Establishment Clinically tested herbal supplement., Reduce urinary frequency; improves urine control.
5478 Case Report Pfizer Healthcare Bayer Healthcare Citrical Slow Release 1200 Bone Health Efficacy You only have to take it once per day for your daily dose. No
5475 Case Report NAD Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. d/b/a VPX Redline Medivin 100% Natural Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Delivery System Sports Nutrition Performance, Establishment It's not the amount you take, it's what you absorb and utilize. No
5474 Case Report CRN EuroMedica, Inc. PhosphOmega-3/Vectomega Supplements Omega-3 Performance, Establishment Up to 50 times greater absorption than fish oil., Greatly enhanced bioavailability and stability than fatty acids on triglyceride carriers such as fish oil., 100% sustainable. No
5471 Case Report NAD i-Health, Inc. BrainStrong Cognitive Performance, Establishment You nurtured his brain with DHA when he was in the crib. Why stop now when he is expanding his territory? (Implied claim that “[a] child’s brain will not develop and function well without DHA supplementation.”). , Provides an important brain nutrient lacking in most kids’ diets. No
5467 Case Report CRN Generix Laboratories, LLC BiphedAdrene Weight-Loss & Energy-Boosting Supplements Energy, Weight Loss Performance While the pills do cause rapid weight loss (no doubt about that), most people buy them as ‘speed pills., These amphetamine-like compounds provide not only very substantial weight-loss, but also a similar mood and energy boost. Yes
5466 Case Report NAD Lunada Biomedical, Inc. Amberen Menopause Efficacy Provides an effective all-in-one solution for common symptoms of menopause. Most women begin experiencing relief in just a few days., Completely natural; contains no artificial hormones or harmful ingredients, and is clinically proven to rejuvenates your natural neuroendocrine mechanisms. No
5451 Case Report NAD Dream Brand, LLC Add Lib Energy, Mood, Female Sexual Health Performance, Health and Safety All natural supplement for women to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally – a holistic approach to sustain energy and reduce anxiety., Promotes energy, a healthy mood and sexual desire...Ingite your desire. No
5441 Case Report CRN Good Health Naturally, LLC Serranol Supplements Blood Pressure, Cognitive, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Weight Loss Performance, Establishment Powerful astonishing formula to fight everything from joint problems to life-threatening conditions like cancer. , This product, which contains an incredible formulation of unique ingredients also, has a remarkable ability to increase energy levels and improve the condition of all cells in the body., Fight premature aging and unhealthy body with this amazing natural formulation., No reports of serious side effects or interactions with drugs. No
5435 Case Report NAD Irwin Naturals Doctor Developed Clear Pure Complexion Skin Health Efficacy, Ingredient Advanced pro-nutraceutical complex targets internal factors that influence problematic skin. Revolutionary skin care product that addresses acne prone skin. , Implied claim that it treats and eliminates acne. No
5433 Case Report NAD Vitanergy, Inc. Urinozinc Supplements Prostate Health Performance Shown in clinical studies to help: reduce symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, improve urinary flow rate.
5428 Case Report CRN Western Research 3000, Inc. ReZerect Erectile Dysfunction, Cardiovascular Health, Blood Sugar, Weight Loss, Cognitive Efficacy No
5424 Case Report NAD EyeScience Labs, LLC Computer Eye Scan Formula Eye Health Establishment Our clinically proven ingredients ... help increase blood flow, improve accommodation, and reduce inflammation for a noticeable difference while using the computer.”
5421 Case Report CRN Barlow Herbal Specialities, Inc. LDM-100 Antibiotic Efficacy, Establishment Broad spectrum plant antibiotic., Implied claim that it provides the same benefits as a pharmaceutical grade antibiotic. No
5419 Case Report NAD Direct Digital, LLC Instaflex Joint Health Efficacy Revolutionary!, Breakthrough!, Lubricates joints. No
5408 Case Report NAD Nature's Way Product, Inc. Umcka Cold Care Tablets Immune Health Efficacy, Establishment, Comparative While other cold medicines just mask symptoms, Umcka ColdCare speeds recovery—naturally., Get better faster with homeopathic Umcka ColdCare., It's safe, natural and clinically proven to shorten duration and reduce the severity of coughs, colds, sore throats and sinus/bronchial infections. No
5393 Case Report CRN Proven Health Results Diab-X Diabetes Efficacy, Establishment Promote healthy blood levels, More than 100 clinical trials by leading universities!, Defeat diabetes naturally!
5396 Case Report NAD Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc. Sytrinol® Cardiovascular Health, Antioxidant Efficacy, Establishment, Health and Safety 30% improvement in Cholesterol in just 30 days!, Clinically Studied., Lowers Total Cholesterol/Lowers LDL/Lowers Triglycerides., Proven to be safe/safe.
5389 Case Report NAD Flora Inc. Udo's Oil 3-6-9 Blend Sports Nutrition Establishment, Performance, Testimonials 42% More Endurance., Athletes around the world are experiencing greater strength, improved stamina and faster recovery using Udo’s Oil. Now it’s your turn., Lose tremendous amounts of body fat, feel less depressed, sleep better.
5382 Case Report CRN Dr. Enrico's Nutritionals, Inc. Neuropasil Pain Relief Efficacy, Establishment, Health and Safety America’s Leading Remedy for Nerve Relief., Neuropasil relieves the pain and symptoms associated with Nerve Pain, Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, back and neck pain and numbness, tingling and burning in the hands and feet., Help relieve your pain with safe and all-natural doctor recommended Neuropasil.
5373 Case Report NAD NNC, LLC Vitali-T-Aid™ Sexual Performance Efficacy, Performance, Ingredient Supports Healthy Erectile Functions, Helps make men strong, sexy and virile again., 85% of the clinical trial group reported an improvement in sexual desire and performance in just 21 days No
5280 Case Report CRN Iceberg Labs, LLC Immune Shield Immune Health Efficacy, Performance Preventive Medicine for any Form of Flu., improve your metabolism & energize you every time., Protects us against diseases by identifying and destroying “Pathogens” and “Tumor Cells". Yes
5356 Case Report CRN Nu Century Herbs Resprin Respiratory Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Ingredient The natural herbal breathing enhancer is specially formulated with a unique blend of 23 herbs, clinically shown to support respiratory health and clearer breathing. , The natural solutions for your asthma/allergy customers growing healthcare concerns. No
171 NARB Panel NAD Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Meltdown Fat Assault RTD Beverage and Fat Incinerator Capsules Weight Loss Performance Meltdown Capsules University Proven To: Burn Fat for 6+ hours and Increase Fat Utilization by 56%. , Increase Metabolism up to 14% for 3+ Hours! , 273% better than the infamous caffeine plus ephedrine stack. No
5349 Case Report NAD Cambridge Institute for Better Vision EYEMAX-plus Multivitamin Comparative, Superiority, Endorsement This comprehensive, balanced formula has more vision-protecting nutrients than other popular brands. , The people who take EYEMAX-plus can sense it, and research proves it too. , Now his eye doctors tell us that his vision has completely stabilized. No
5321 Case Report NAD Any, Inc. KetoMist Spray Weight Loss Average loss is 30 lbs. in 30 days., Virtually 100% Success Rate., Lose FAT, not Muscle!, This has been the absolute best thing I've ever done for weight loss and I now know I can lose the next 20 pounds. Yes
5330C Compliance Pfizer, inc. Bayer HealthCare, LLC Citracal Bone Density Builder with Genistein Bone Health Performance With Genistein—as you age, it gets harder to build bone density with calcium and Vitamoin D alone. No
5344 Case Report Zone Labs, Inc. Nordic Naturals, Inc. Ultimate Omega Sport 90 Omega-3 Superiority, Comparative Nordic Naturals has perfected fish oils by offering great taste, purity and unmatched freshness levels., Our products consistently test far below acceptable national and international pharmaceutical limits. No
5343 Case Report NAD Pharmavite, LLC TripleFlex Liquid Softgels Joint Health Speed, Performance, Comparative Unlike pain relievers, TripleFlex works with your body to naturally improve joint comfort, mobility and flexibility in as little as 7 days. , Triple Strength. No
5334 Case Report NAD Rexall Sundown, Inc. Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Comparative, Speed, Efficacy, Performance Joint support formula designed to show improvement in joint comfort within 7 days!, Features 5-LOXIN Advanced - a patent pending special natural extract of Boswellia Serrata that shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. , #1 Doctor & Pharmacist Recommended Brand. No
5333 Case Report NAD New Nordic US, Inc. Mulberry Zuccarin Dietary Supplement Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Endorsement, Efficacy, Ingredient, Performance I went down 6 clothing sizes!...Very quickly I felt a decrease in my sugar cravings and an increase in energy., Stabilize your blood sugar levels with this new highly concentrated mulberry leaf extract., Mulberry Zuccarin is a natural product which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. No
5331 Case Report NAD LifProducts, Inc. First Defenz Immune Health Ingredient, Preventive Health, Exclusivity Dr. Formulated and Approved All Natural Ingredients., Uniquely formulated with 100% natural essential oils and herbal extracts., Perfect for Doctors, Nurses, Flight Attendants, Teachers, All Retail & Office Employees. No
5330 Case Report Pfizer Healthcare Bayer Healthcare, LLC Citrical Bone Density Builder with Genistein Bone Health Performance, Ingredient, Efficacy Clinically Proven to Significantly Increase Bone Density Up to 5%. No
5325 Case Report NAD ABBOTT LABRATORIES Ensure Muscle Health Muscle Health Exclusivity, Performance, Ingredient, Efficacy New scientific advances have led to a breakthrough in the fight against muscle loss., Promotes muscle growth by increasing protein synthesis to help your body produce more muscle. , New Ensure Muscle Health has Revigor, the amino acid metabolite HMB, and protein to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. No
5317 Case Report NAD DSE Healthcare Solutions, LLC Cystex Urinary Health Efficacy, Comparative, Performance Cystex Helps Manage UTIs…and Now promotes Urinary Health!, Cystex is the trusted urinary health brand that has helped millions of women manage the pain and discomfort of urinary tract infections., Cystex both manages the pain associated with a UTI and reduced the progression of the bacteria. No
5304 Case Report NAD Urban Nutrition, LLC Neurostin Cognitive Ingredient, Endorsement, Preventive Health, Efficacy, Performance, Clinically Proven/Shown I started taking Neurostin and I was me again. I feel as sharp as I did 15 years ago., The Scientifically Advanced Product for Preventing and Reversing Memory Loss, Providing an overall boost for the brain and for stropping damage to brain cells., Neurostin's four primary ingredients have all been Clinically Proven Multiple Times. No
5113 Compliance CRN Quten Research Institute Qunol CoQ10 Blood Sugar Comparative, Preventive Health, Clinically Proven/Shown, Performance, Speed Medically Proven Efficacy, Taking Qunol reduces both systolic and diastolic pressure by 10% over an 8 week period., This reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and dementia. No
5292 Case Report NAD Peak Life, LLC Somnapure Sleep Ingredient, Performance, Exclusivity, Efficacy Somnapure's superior formula contains herbal ingredients such as Chamomile and Passionflower, which have a calming effect on the body, in addition to melatonin., Together, this scientifically formulated, intelligent blend of high quality ingredients is what makes Somnapure effective and non-habit forming., Wake up feeling refreshed, energetic and free of grogginess or negative side-effects. No
5038C Compliance Nutramax Laboratories, Inc Patent Health, LLC Trigosamine Fast Acting (Trigo FA) Joint Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Speed, Efficacy Imagine a pill that can start helping you get around more easily in just a matter of days., During the very first week 83% of the participants taking Fast Acting Trigosamine reported that their joints were already starting to feel better. Yes
5284 Case Report NAD Pharmavite, LLC Nature Made GreatMind Cognitive Ingredient, Performance, Efficacy Nature Made GreatMind has a unique patent-pending formula that enhances mental performance, clarity and short-term memory with daily use., Enhances mental clarity and performance., Keep your mind great with Nature Made GreatMind. No
5280 Case Report CRN Iceberg Labs, LLC Immune Shield Immune Health Superiority, Exclusivity, Preventive Health, Performance World's Most Complex and Beneficial Health Dietary Supplement, Preventative Medicine for any Form of Flu, Recent John Hopkins' publications have started to advise us that "Chemotherapy" IS NOT the ONLY manner to "Eliminate Cancer Cells"! Yes
5273 Case Report CRN Skymall, Inc. Reversitall Anti-aging, Antioxidant Superiority, Comparative, Exclusivity, Efficacy Revolutionary New Discovery Stimulates Longevity Gene!, Reversitall (patent pending), a superior quality, highly purified supplement, reverse oxidative damage to cells and provides greater efficacy and performance than resveratrol alone., It is the only natural supplement that contains the necessary combined molecules to activate the SIRT-1 enzyme and increase the body's defense mechanism by 35% more than resveratrol alone. No
5268 Case Report CRN Supple Beverages, LLC Supple Joint Health Ingredient, Speed, Performance, Efficacy, Superiority The active ingredients in Supple are prescribed by medical doctors as a first-line standard of care for joint suffering relief all around the world., Supple uses the highest strength of glucosamine and chondoitin that is highly regulated and sold as natural joint rebuilding agents in over 40 countries., Supple can help you realize complete and fast relief from joint suffering and can help you regain full mobility. No
5267 Case Report NAD DSM Nutritional Products, Inc. i-flex Joint Health Performance, Clinically Proven/Shown, Speed, Endorsement, Comparative, Exclusivity Proven in 3 published clinical studies to dramatically improve joint health and daily mobility., i-flex is truly unlike any other joint product out there., i-flex works faster glucosamine., After a month of using i-flex, I began feeling that I could go longer practicing without discomfort., Green and sustainable ingredient. No
5266 Case Report NAD Marabou Limited GenFX Anti-aging Clinically Proven/Shown, Performance, Efficacy enFX has been formulated to help replenish your body's lost levels of Youthfulness, Vitality and Attractiveness., HGH injections cost up to $15,000 and are available only to the super-rich! But now you can achieve the same results, simply and affordably., Clinical tests prove it! GenFX has no reported side effects, is all-natural and is designed to work with your body to produce its own HGH in the pituitary gland. No
5248 Case Report CRN OxyLife Nutritional Supplements OxyLife HGH Anti-aging Performance, Ingredient, Efficacy Age-defying, Decrease in fat and increase muscle tone/Boost energy., Improves brain functions such as memory and concentration No
5250 Case Report CRN Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. Burner Balm Weight Loss Ingredient, Endorsement, Speed, Efficacy Our revolutionary Doctor Formulated Burner Balm lip balm is made with Green Tea, Hoodia Gordonii Extracts, Chromium Picolinate and Caffeine. These ingredients have all been proven for many years to be very effective in dietary supplements., I lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks with Burner Balm. No
5243 Case Report CRN Sovereign Laboratories, LLC Colostrum-LD Immune Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Comparative, Performance Colostrum is clinically proven to be 3X more effective than the flu vaccine. No Side effects., Colostrum is the world's most important and respected supplement. , Helps prevent toxins from entering the body. No
5227 Case Report NAD Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Meltdown Fat Assault RTD beverage and Fat Incinerator Capsules Weight Loss Comparative, Duration, Clinically Proven/Shown, Superiority World's 1st Fat Burning Drink, Meltdown Capsules University Proven To: Burn Fat for 6+ hours and Increase Fat Utilization by 56%, 972% more powerful than epinephrine., Increase Metabolism up to 14% for 3+ Hours! No
5160 Case Report NAD Urban Nutrition, LLC RestAid Sleep Endorsement, Speed, Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy RestAid is the non-prescription sleeping pill that is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling great., 94% of users fall asleep during the initial 15-30 minutes. No
5222 Case Report NAD EuroPharma, Inc. Curamin Joint Health Speed, Comparative, Superiority, Efficacy, Endorsement 90% of satisfied customers experience relief in 45 minutes., After one week of 2 capsules daily, I have more freedom of movement than I've had in 15 years…, Curamin worked better than anything else… No
5217 Case Report NAD Celsius Celsius Weight Loss Clinically Proven/Shown, Comparative, Ingredient, Performance, Efficacy Recent scientific studies showed that Celsius burns fat as fuel and may increase lean muscle tissue when consumed before exercising., 114% greater decrease in body fat., Good for you ingredients, such as Green Tea with EGCG, Ginger, Calcium, Chromium, B vitamins, and vitamin C, all which work together to raise metabolism... No
5160C Compliance Perrigo Company Pharmavite LLC Nature Made Prenatal + DHA Liquid Softgel Prenatal Health Performance ...testing exceeds that which is required by either the FDA or USP for either tablets or softgels., Testing performed by an expert independent research organization using this model demonstrates that the folic acid in Nature Made® Prenatal Multi + DHA Liquid Softgels is available for absorption at levels exceeding that required by the applicable USP sta No
5207 Case Report CRN Bell Lifestyle Products Bell Shark Cartilage #1 Joint Health Speed, Endorsement, Performance, Comparative, Superiority, Ingredient Pain Free in 2 weeks., Evidence it works - Over 100 testimonials are on our web site with full names and towns from real people. All 100% true., Synthetic drugs for rheumatoid arthritis may run up to $10,000 a year and may not be as effective as Bell Shark Cartilage #1... No
5175R Case Report NAD Harson Holdings, Inc. Okappa Slim Weight Loss Endorsement, Speed, Performance, Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown Here's how I lost 33 pounds in little more than 1 month without exercise and I ate whatever I wanted!, A group of researchers have succeeded, after numerous tests carried out in laboratories and after years of study, to find the perfect combination of plants that reverse the effect of calories., our studies, we have found weight losses of up to 14 pounds in a week. Yes
5196 Case Report NAD The Elations Company, LLC Elations Liquid Supplements Joint Health Endorsement, Speed, Performance, Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown, Ingredient Improves joint comfort in six days - faster than any other leading joint supplement brand., Calcium, Citric Acid & Malic Acid: The combination of these ingredients in CCM can more effectively strengthen bones compared to calcium alone because CCM has better absorbability, meaning your bones will 'drink it up' ... whether or not Vitamin D is pres, Clinical studies report that Calcium absorption from CCM was 26% greater than that of calcium carbonate. No
5190 Case Report NAD MuscleMeds, Inc. Methyl Arimatest Men's Health, Testosterone Efficacy, Exclusivity, Comparative, Clinically Proven/Shown Increases Testosterone to Over 10,000 pg/mL., …the greatest breakthrough in testosterone supplementation history, featuring a level of hardcore potency and effectiveness that has never been experienced before. , Clinically Tested. No
5188 Case Report CRN Millennium Health, LLC Ellagic Acid Professional Grade 1000mg Breast Health, Prostate Health Preventive Health, Clinically Proven/Shown, Speed, Efficacy Ellagic Acid may be one of the most potent ways to prevent Cancer., Ellagic Acid is a proven anti-carcinogen, anti-mutagen, and anticancer initiator., Nine years of study have shown that a natural product called Ellagic acid is causing G-arrest within 48 hours, and apoptosis within 72 hours for breast, pancreas, skin, colon and prostate cancer cells. No
5167 Case Report Schiff Nutrition Group, Inc. Imagenetix, Inc. Inflame Away Celadrin Joint Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Superiority, Comparative, Speed, Performance Clinically tested and shown to be effective for improving joint comfort., Because InflameAway Celadrin works 6 times faster, 6 times more effective., Celadrin's beneficial effects have been proven superior in results to glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and SAMe and other arthritic medications. No
5162 Case Report CRN Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals, Inc. JointFlexer Joint Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Endorsement, Preventive Health, Performance, Efficacy Used for centuries, proven by clinical trials & research in China, made of herbal extracts free of pollutants., ...For the first time in 6 years she can feel her kneecap and is able to use the restroom without pain., Lubricates joint, reduces friction and prevents injuries of the joints. No
5163 Case Report NAD FWM Laboratories, Inc. Acai Berry products Antioxidant, Weight Loss, Cognitive Comparative, Performance, Efficacy Fight fat and lose weight., Higher antioxidants than pomegranate and blueberry., Fight free radical damage., Increases energy and fights fatigue. No
5160 Case Report Perrigo Company Pharmavite, LLC Pharmavite LLC Nature Made Prenatal + DHA Liquid Softgel Prenatal Health Ingredient, Exclusivity, Efficacy, Preventive Health …Nature Made offers the first OTC supplement that combines a prenatal multivitamin with DHA in one single softgel., …formulated with 23 key vitamins, minerals and essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids that may benefit the neurological development of the fetus and health of the mother during pregnancy and may reduce the risk of having a child with brain or spinal cord birth def No
5150 Case Report NAD SYNTRATECH Syntra-5 Total Body Solution Blood Sugar Efficacy, Comparative, Clinically Proven/Shown #1 Recommended Blood Sugar Discovery., Clinically Tested for Optimal Support of: Weight Management; Blood Sugar; Blood Pressure, Fasting Blood Sugar - from 196 to 89 No
5136 Case Report NAD Lifes2good Natural Healthcare Viviscal Hair Health Endorsement, Ingredient, Efficacy, Performance Recommended by top celebrities and models., Viviscal is doctor recommended., I have seen slowing down of hair loss and improvement of hair characteristics including hair texture and diameter., 100% natural ingredients make Viviscal safe and free of harmful side effects.
5135 Case Report NAD Cobalis PreHistin Immune Health Exclusivity, Clinically Proven/Shown, Performance, Efficacy, Speed, Duration PreHistin is the World's First Pre Histamine., PreHistin was clinically shown to effectively maintain healthy IgE levels which have been linked to allergy symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose., PreHistin helps build your immune system and has been shown to keep working for weeks after you stop taking it.
5113 Case Report CRN Quten Research Institute Qunol CoQ10 Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Health Speed, Clinically Proven/Shown, Comparative, Superiority, Efficacy, Preventive Health Up to 6X better absorption than regular CoQ10., Taking Qunol reduces both systolic & diastolic pressure by 10% over an 8 week period., Medically Proven Efficacy, Doctor recommended CoQ10 formula, This reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and dementia.
5112 Case Report CRN Hollywood Health and Beauty Ltd. Trimball EXP 200 Weight Loss, Appetite Suppression Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy, Performance, Ingredient, Endorsement, Speed The effects were immediate. I ate everything I liked and as much as I liked. • The least amount of weight loss for anyone tested is 33 pounds., The least amount of weight loss for anyone tested is 33 pounds., It is the highest concentration of this active ingredient recommended by medical doctors for a 100% safe usage of these capsules., These two properties have been confirmed by many clinical studies... Yes
156 NARB Panel Patent Health, Inc. Nutramax Laboratories Trigosamine Fast Acting (Trigo FA) Joint Health Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown Trigosamine Fast-Acting has been clinically shown to get results in as little as 3 days., Just released clinical study says new pill works 600% faster than Glucosamine alone., 2 caplet dose for fast, all day joint relief.
5101 Case Report NAD Good Living Labs, LLC Good Days Herbal Supplement Cognitive Ingredient, Performance, Efficacy …to calm and refresh your mind and body, and to help you feel energized and strong - both physically and emotionally., Use Positive Mood Formula Daily for: • Depressed Mood • Low Self Esteem • Fatigue and Loss of Interest and Motivation., L-theanine: Helps you be calm and stay in an alert state.
5100 Case Report NAD American Reduction Systems, LLC Cold Turkey Tea Smoking Cessation Efficacy, Exclusivity, Ingredient, Comparative Guaranteed to reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms by up to 100% or your money back!, …the only true all natural, organic smoking cessation product on the market today., Our perfect blend of Cold Turkey tea contains alkaloids which specifically bind to the nicotine receptors, thus reducing, and in some cases elimination, nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Yes
5086 Case Report Living Essentials Hansen Beverage Company Monster Energy Drinks Energy (This case involved missing labels on the energy drinks. No express claims were cited other than the drink being labeled as an "Energy Supplement").
5054 Case Report NAD Slim Force 7 Weight Loss Performance, Endorsement, Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown, Speed After 10 days I had lost 20 pounds., 40 lbs in less than a month., You can lose up to 1 pound in 8 hours., You just don't lose weight, your whole metabolism is gradually modified., SlimForce 7 is a weight loss product that has been the subject of many studies and research. Yes
5084 Case Report NAD P & G Align Digestive Health Efficacy, Superiority, Clinically Proven/Shown, Exclusivity, Comparative Align is the #1 Gastroenterologist-Recommended probiotic supplement that helps you build and maintain a stronger, healthier digestive system., Only Align contains Bifantis, which gives you a probiotic supplement that is clinically proven against 5 signs of digestive imbalance, providing ongoing protection against episodic constipation, diarrhea, urgency, gas and bloating.
5075 Case Report NAD Metabolic Research Stemulite Weight Loss Speed Increased Muscle Gain and Endurance., Increased Weight Loss and Fat Loss., Using Stemulite, I have seen results in 2-3 weeks., In just 5 days, my endurance has increased 25%. Yes
5073 Case Report CRN/NAD Brain Research Labs, LLC Procera AVH Cognitive Speed, Exclusivity, Superiority, Ingredient, Efficacy, Performance First University-Validated Mood, Memory & Cognitive Enhancer with Double Proof Efficacy., Procera AVH is a unique, doctor developed, patent pending, proprietary formula of natural ingredients - proven by one of the world's premier brain research centers to energize the brain, uplift mood, improve memory and sharpen the mind., Clinically shown to restore the memory and brain power you had 10-15 years ago., It's a fast-acting formula.
5072 Case Report NAD Sensa Products, LLC Sensa Weight Loss System Weight Loss Efficacy, Superiority, Clinically Proven/Shown Sensa was proven effective in one of the largest clinical studies ever performed on a non-prescription weight loss product., No other weight-loss product has such extraordinary clinical results., Sensa works with your body's natural impulses, not against them.
5071 Case Report NAD Deephaven Nutraceuticals Bravina Speech Development Endorsement, Efficacy Bravina will provide you with the control and confidence you need for public speaking., It has changed my life and given me the confidence to speak in any situation to any type of crowd - large or small. , I took a Bravina tablet and could feel my stress level decrease.
5065 Case Report Hansen Beverage Company Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Drink Energy Comparative, Superiority, Implied Claim …5 Hour Energy contains zero sugar and only 4 calories., Over 12 teaspoons of sugar and 200 calories in these [Hansen's Monster] energy drinks.
5038 Case Report Nutramax Laboratories, Inc PatentHEALTH LLC Trigosamine Fast Acting (Trigo FA) Joint Health Speed, Comparative, Superiority, Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy Trigosamine Fast-Acting has been clinically shown to get results in as little as 3 days. Participants continued to feel improvement throughout the 8 week trial., Just released clinical study says new pill works 600% faster than Glucosamine alone., It's a blend of herbal extracts that when combined with glucosamine improves absorption of nutrients and works quickly to improve mobility and flexibility.
5030 Case Report NAD Santica USA Research Labs, LLC Cellulase Gold/CelluScience Skin Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy, Performance, Ingredient, Endorsement In the most recent, published clinical study, 94% reported seeing results with this scientifically advanced anti-cellulite dietary supplement., ...contains the potent Vascolarys Complex that has been clinically proven to actually help reduce cellulite by helping promote healthy cell metabolism..., After treatment with CelluScience, you could see firmer, smoother and better looking skin. , CelluScience can produce results without any changes in diet, exercise or life style. No
5028 Case Report NAD Removyl Corporation Ltd. REMovyl Advanced Formula Weight Loss Speed, Ingredient, Endorsement, Superiority Some women have already lost up to 22 pounds in one week., All this can be achieved without willpower, without any strict diet, without strenuous exercise., This combination of essential oils has become what may the fastest and most efficient way to lose weight that has ever been observed with an entirely natural product., I lost 11 pounds in less than a week without changing my eating habits and without strict diets.
5025 Case Report Nestle CytoSport Beverage Company Muscle Milk Sports Nutrition Ingredient, Implied Claim High Protein Milk Shake, Muscle Milk Yes
5021 Case Report NAD Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc. Colotox Detoxification, Weight Loss Preventive Health, Implied Claim, Superiority, Comparative, Efficacy Colon cancer is currently the second leading cancer killer in the United States, with 60,000 Americans expected to die from the disease this year…, Colotox will help: Remove toxic buildup; Increase energy levels; Decrease gas and bloating... , #1 Product for Cleansing., Purest and most effective cleansing product... No
4909 Compliance POM Wonderful, LLC Bossa Nova Beverage Group Bossa Nova Acai Juice Antioxidant Superiority, Ingredient, Comparative Bossa Nova sets the standard for antioxidant potency. The proof is in the numbers…, Bossa Nova is higher in antioxidants and lower in sugars., Highest antioxidant fruit; higher antioxidant potency., Reduces free radicals linked to pre-mature aging, heart disease, Alzheimer's and certain cancers. No
5005 Case Report NAD Herbal Groups, Inc. Prostalex Plus Urinary Health, Men's Health, Sexual Performance Clinically Proven/Shown, Endorsement, Efficacy, Performance The amazing new Prostalex Plus drug-free supplement has been scientifically formulated to reduce your need to urinate by combating the natural growth of your prostate…, Revolutionary new drug-free formula helps you regain your youthful prostate function so you'll urinate less often and sleep through the night., All my urination problems - urgency, frequency, low flow, dribble - they're totally gone now! No
5010 Case Report NAD Quality of Life Labs Kinoko AHCC Immune Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Performance, Efficacy Immune Supplement Supported by Over 80 Research Studies., Clinical research shows that Kinoko AHCC and Kinoko AHCC Gold help support normal immune function by…enhancing macrophage and T-cell activity. No
4991 Case Report P.L. Thomas Nutraceuticals Int'l LLC FucoPure Weight Loss Superiority, Exclusivity, Ingredient, Comparative, Clinically Proven/Shown The Only Clinical Strength Fucoxanthin 10% Extract from Patented Japanese Wakame., The highest quality Fucoxanthin currently available on the market., FucoPure 10% Extract is 1,000 times stronger than raw seaweed., Scientific research suggests that this new...weight loss product has the ability to specifically target the abdominal region of the body, burning off fat and the cellular level. Yes
4982 Case Report CRN Nature's Healthy Supplements, Inc. Best Prostate Prostate Health, Men's Health Comparative, Superiority, Ingredient, Performance World's most prescribed product for an enlarged prostate., 3,000 Times more Powerful than Saw Palmetto., Beta-Sitosterol is both natural and safe unlike harsh prescription medications., Best Prostrate will significantly increase your urinary flow. No
4970 Case Report CRN Schiff Nutrition Inc. Megared Cardiovascular Health, Joint Health Superiority, Comparative, Clinically Proven/Shown 3x better than fish oil for supporting cardiovascular health., Superior nutritional support when compared to the very best fish oils., Maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range., Clinically shown to support cardiovascular health. No
4965 Case Report CRN Nutrex, Inc. Vitrix Maximum Impact Sexual Performance, Men's Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy, Ingredient, Performance, Speed Have the Best Sex of Your Life., Enhances your sexual stamina for long-lasting performances., Vixtrix is loaded with research-proven muscle-building and libido-enhancing ingredients that are all natural and safe., Whether you are 18 or 80, Vitrix will cause a surge in your body's Luteinizing Hormone levels, which in turn signal your testicles to produce more testosterone. No
4962 Case Report NAD Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc. Colotox Detoxification, Weight Loss, Energy Performance, Efficacy, Superiority, Comparative Colotox is the purest and most effective cleansing product on the market today., Colotox will help to: Remove toxic buildup; Increase your energy levels; Cleanse your entire system…Lose excess weight., Colotox will help relieve these ailments: Chronic Fatigue; Low energy levels; Constipation; Bloating; Bad Breath; Detoxify your organs. Yes
4961 Case Report NAD Nutritional Science Laboratories Hyperzosin Blood Pressure Efficacy Lower your blood pressure. Naturally and Safely. No
4947 Case Report NAD Hepcare Inc. Hepzone EST Liver Health Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown Pharmaceutical grade product to ensure highest quality., Successfully used by more than 1.5 million people for liver health in Japan. , Especially useful for consumers who failed conventional liver care., In Phase II clinical trials in New York and San Diego. No
4935 Case Report NAD Park Labs, LLC Life Fitness Reparagen+ Glucosamine Joint Health Comparative, Clinically Proven/Shown, Speed, Efficacy A Revolutionary Solution That Works 12x Faster Than Glucosamine and Chondoitin., Clinical studies showed that 92% of subjects who took Reparagen experienced significantly reduced pain and took less acetaminophen - which is great news for your stomach and liver., Actually helps relieve arthritis symptoms and actually helps rebuild cartilage., Results Within 7 Days! No
4927 Case Report NAD Nutrition 21 Inc. Core4Life Advanced Memory Formula Cognitive Ingredient, Performance, Efficacy Only Core4Life Advanced Memory Formula offers the unique combination of Chromium Picolinate, Phosphatidylserine (PS) and DHA to provide nutrition support while promoting healthy glucose metabolism…, Maintains brain fluidity and may help in maintenance of cognitive functions., Supports communication between brain cells and promotes improved memory. No
4926 Case Report NAD Biotech Corporation International DermaSilk Anti-Wrinkle supplement Anti-aging, Skin Health Speed, Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy, Performance Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in just 2 weeks., It's like getting a face-lift without the invasive surgery., Turn back the years DermaSilk., DermaSilk is clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age sports and premature aging. , Helps repair damage caused by sun exposure. No
4916 Case Report NAD Natrol, Inc. Bio Sil Anti-aging, Skin Health Ingredient, Clinically Proven/Shown, Comparative, Speed Nourish your body's '3 Beauty Proteins' Naturally!, BioSil, with patented ch-OSA, helps turn on the cells in your body that generate all three health and beauty proteins. Naturally., Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles by 19%., That's why BioSil is clinically proven to give you a more youthful look in just 20 short weeks. No
4913 Case Report NAD Constellation Wines/Polyphenolics MegaNatural-BP Blood Pressure Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy Provide relief with half the cost, half the dose and half the time., In the second study on participants with prehypertension, their systolic blood pressure dropped 8mm and diastolic dropped 5mm when taking 300mg once per day for 2 months. No
4909 Case Report POM Wonderful, LLC Bossa Nova Beverage Group Bossa Nova Acai Juice Antioxidant Superiority, Comparative Bossa Nova sets the standard for antioxidant potency. The proof is in the numbers…, Bossa Nova is higher in antioxidants and lower in sugars. No
4911 Case Report NAD Soft Gel Technologies Inc. Clarinol Weight Loss Clinically Proven/Shown, Ingredient, Efficacy, Performance Clarinol CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) has been proven in Clarinol-specific clinicals to help attain and sustain proper ratios of fat to lean muscle tissue., The clinical results show enhanced fat burning, lean muscle retention, and promotion of optimal BMI., PureGels Clarinol CLA in a soft gel is a powerful supplement from natural safflower oil which will help you Reshape Up! No
4904 Case Report NAD The FRS Company FRS Energy Energy, Immune Health, Sports Nutrition Endorsement, Clinically Proven/Shown, Performance, Efficacy Now FRS is used by anyone who wants a sustained healthy energy boost., Enhances Metabolism., I need a healthy source of energy with all I have going on, I make it happen with FRS. (expert endorsement by Lance Armstrong), …It was then discovered by endurance athletes who found that it boosted and sustained their peak athletic performance while helping to keep them healthy. No
4677C Compliance NAD Renaissance Health Publishing Revatrol Energy, Cardiovascular Health, Anti-aging Performance Just one caplet a day is designed to help you fight fatigue and feel more energized, protect your heart and arteries and maintain better cholesterol levels while keeping your skin looking fresh, firm and vibrant; benefits all associated with moderate red No
4894 Case Report NAD IdeaVillage Products Corp. Slimshots Weight Loss, Appetite Suppression Performance, Comparative, Speed, Exclusivity, Superiority, Clinically Proven/Shown Eat up to 30% less every day without feeling hungry., SLIMShots works by triggering your body's natural appetite suppression mechanism…so you feel full., Unlike other diet products, the all-natural ingredients in SLIMShots won't cause jitters or embarrassing side effects., Works from the first day., Demonstrated to work in 4 published clinical studies. No
4891 Case Report NAD Calpis USA Ameal BP Blood Pressure Clinically Proven/Shown, Ingredient, Implied Claim, Preventive Health More than 15 clinical studies show that ameal bp promotes healthier blood pressure., Ameal bp contains AmealPeptide, the break through, naturally derived active ingredients supported by 14 clinical studies., Diet, exercise, and ameal bp. Proof I'm taking my prehypertension seriously. No
4868 Case Report NAD Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Redline Princess energy drink Energy, Mood, Weight Loss Superiority, Exclusivity, Comparative A New Breakthrough Designed Especially for Women to Enhance: Mood, Energy, Fat Loss., The World's Most Effective Energy Drinks… No
4876 Case Report CRN WellNx Life Science, Inc. Slimquick Extreme Weight Loss Clinically Proven/Shown, Speed, Comparative, Superiority Ingredients clinically proven to increase metabolism by 28% and cut body fat by 10%., Clinically proven to burn 5.8x the calories during exercise., The #1 Selling Weight-Loss Supplement for Women., The Strongest Female Fat Burner., Immediate and time-released fat burning action., Two types of Yohimbe for immediate and time-released fat-burning action! No
4873 Case Report NAD Sure Nature, LLC Immunasure Immune Health Ingredient, Preventive Health, Performance ImmunaSure is a blend of six, all natural ingredients that is guaranteed to work., Help Prevent Cold Sores and other viral infections by strengthening your immune system., Kiss Your Cold Sores Good-Bye. No
4863 Case Report Bohringer Ingelheim Consumer Healthcare Products Ganeden Biotech, Inc. Digestive Advantage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Digestive Advantage Crohn's & Colitis Digestive Health Ingredient, Clinically Proven/Shown, Exclusivity, Comparative Trusted by Thousands of Physicians Nationwide, Digestive Advantage IBS contains a patented probiotic, GanedenBC30 that can help support digestive function., Revolutionary , In a recent clinical study, patients with Crohn's noted a 40% reduction in episodes of diarrhea. No
4852 Case Report CRN New Charter, Inc. Blockade Immune Health, Anti-viral Performance, Ingredient, Speed, Efficacy Blocks viruses from entering human cells., The bioactive molecules in Blockade seek out viruses, bind to them and create a coating around them. This coating is like a fence around the virus that blocks its ability to attach to and enter cells., …up to 100% success in inhibiting the entry of enveloped viruses (like influenza)., Begins working in minutes...not hours. No
4824 Case Report CRN The Green Willow Tree, LLC Thyodine Thyroid Health Comparative, Superiority, Efficacy Many [customers] prefer [Thyodine] to synthetic prescription medications., We have had numerous reports from customers who told us that it not only helped their thyroid function, but that in many cases they felt better on Thyodine than on prescriptions., It is by far the most effective thyroid support we have found., In some cases, our customers have reported that their laboratory tests for thyroid function improved after using Thyodine. No
4785 Case Report NAD Cinnergen Blood Sugar Clinically Proven/Shown, Performance Clinically proven to control blood sugar. , Doctor Recommended Formula. Guaranteed To Work. , Over half the patients in our clinical study were able to stop taking prescribed medication., 70% of people in our study had a decrease in A1c levels., Cinnergen is a Natural Part of the Diabetes Diet! No
4684C Compliance NAD Bayer Consumer Healthcare One-A-Day All-Day Energy Energy Performance All Day Energy No
4821 Case Report CRN Biotech Corporation International Cognivin Cognitive, Stress Management Clinically Proven/Shown, Ingredient, Efficacy, Speed Clinically proven ingredients to help reduce 'forgetfulness', Improve mental focus, It quickly boosts memory, learning and concentration..., Elevate mood, • Cognivin contains a proprietary blend of brain specific nutrients that are clinically proven to: Reduce stress and Anxiety; Provide Sustained Energy; Counteract Cognitive Decline No
4816 Case Report NAD Pure Life, LLC Gabatrol Cognitive, Stress Management, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Exclusivity, Speed, Ingredient, Performance, Efficacy Get Quick Relief from Stress, Anxiety and Depression - Guaranteed, Gabatrol is the only 100% all natural product that effectively gives you fast relief from feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. , Most users report feeling the anti-anxiety effects in as little as 10-20 minutes. , Gabatrol ingredients are healthy and safe and have the safest FDA classification, know as "GRAS" (Generally Regarded As Safe).
4813 Case Report NAD Lipid Nutrition B.V. North America PinnoThin Weight Loss, Appetite Suppression Performance, Clinically Proven/Shown, Exclusivity, Superiority PinnoThin significantly increases the release of CCK and GLP-1., PinnoThin reduces prospective food intake., PinnoThin is a patented, 100% natural ingredient that has been scientifically proven to suppress the desire to eat., PinnoThin is "The New Breakthrough Appetite Suppressant".
4977 Case Report The Procter & Gamble Co. Novartis Consumer Health Benefiber Fiber Superiority New Benefiber® Caplets contain twice the amount of fiber as the leading fiber capsule., You need to take the six caplets of Metamucil to get the same three grams of fiber., Three Benefiber caplets equals one serving and provide three grams of fiber.
4812 Case Report Resveratrol Partners, LLC Biotivia N.A. Transmax and Bioforte Resveratrol Antioxidant Superiority, Exclusivity, Comparative, Processing and Manufacturing Our exclusive processing system results in up to a two times increase in availability of the critical isomer compared to trans-resveratrol sold by other suppliers., Transmax promotes NAD and Sirt1-4 longevity enzymes shown to increase life span in mammals., Transmax is processed in an oxygen and UV free clean room and packed in nitrogen gas to preserve its bioactivity., Enhanced bioavailability means a more potent product and a better value for your dollar.
4806 Case Report Bayer Consumer Healthcare Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Centrum & Centrum Silver Multivitamin Superiority, Comparative With our better balanced formula, we work together to bring out the best in each other., Centrum balances combinations of nutrients to help them work to their full potential., There's a lot to choose from, and then there's Centrum.
4791 Case Report NAD The Dannon Company DanActive with L. Casei Immunitas Immune Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy, Exclusivity Only DanActive has L. Casei Immunitas., Clinically proven to help strengthen your body's defenses., 25 studies have shown the beneficial effect of DanActive and L. Casei Immunitas.
146 NARB Panel NAD Rexall Sundown, Inc. Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy, Superiority Advanced Double Strength, Advanced Triple Strength, The key ingredient Joint Shield™ is a potent extract of Boswellia serrata that is 10 times more concentrated than the typical Boswellic extracts., #1 Doctor Recommended Brand
4324 Compliance CRN iSatori Technologies Lean System 7 Weight Loss Clinically Proven/Shown, Comparative, Ingredient, Performance, Speed, Efficacy In fact, in one recent study, one participant using Lean System 7 was shown to burn up to 930 "extra" calories per day…which is the equivalent of running on a treadmill for almost three hours., Recently [Lean System 7] was clinically tested and shown to be three times more effective than diet and exercise alone at reducing belly and hip fat., Lean System 7 is a new dietary supplement clinically proven to promote safe, effective fat loss (not to be confused with weight loss, which is normally mostly water and muscle loss).
4758 Case Report NAD Health and Fitness Research Group Ultra Focus Cognitive Exclusivity, Speed, Performance, Efficacy, Clinically Proven/Shown The first complete memory enhancement formula., Increases mental energy - FAST., Clinically proven ingredients., Ultra Focus has been shown to…aid in the rebuilding of damaged brain cells caused by stress, exposure to pollution, or aging., The revolutionary product developed to help you think clearer, remember more, increase your mental energy and become more focused.
4759 Case Report NAD Biocell Technology LLC BioCell Collagen II Skin Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Ingredient BioCell Collagen II, with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, can help restore skin to its youthful, supple elasticity…, Positive Results: Highly Successful. Major signs of rejuvenation. Substantial tone and wrinkle improvement with more supple elasticity. Significant blemish reduction.
4756 Case Report NAD Indigene Pharmaceuticals Inc. Relaxane Cognitive, Stress Management Clinically Proven/Shown, Ingredient, Performance, Efficacy, Exclusivity For the first time - a clinically tested non-addictive product that relieves the symptoms of everyday stress., Relaxane is effective in managing everyday stress, it alleviates multiple symptoms of everyday stress - frustration, irritability, restlessness, stress-related gastrointestinal discomforts (fullness, bloating, cramps) and stress-related minor muscle pain., Roxane is an innovative stress reducer, clinically tested, optimized plant-derived Natural Molecular Composition (NMCT) of Valeriana officinalis (VO), Melissa officinalis (MO), Passiflora incarnata (PI) and Petasites hybridus (PH) that work on the multipl
4754 Case Report NAD The Procter & Gamble Company Metamucil Fiber Metamucil can "help lower your cholesterol."
145 NARB Panel Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Bayer Consumer Healthcare One-A-Day All Day Energy Multivitamin, Energy Performance Advertiser appealed decision that it should discontinue the name "All Day Energy" despite determination that mulitvitamin did not provide all day energy.
4749 Case Report NAD Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Energy, Cognitive Ingredient, Speed, Duration, Performance, Implied Claim Drink it in seconds. Feel it in minutes. Last for hours., Amino acids for focus and better mood. Enzymes to help you feel it fast., It's a great way to focused and alert on the job, experience better workouts and reduce fatigue., Hours of energy now. No crash later-and no jitters., Just one quick drink and you'll get hours of energy for work, play and everything in between.
4748 Case Report NAD Inc. Metal-Free Detoxification Ingredient, Speed, Performance The solution in Metal-Free, an all-natural dietary supplement, in a spray form that is simple for children and adults to use. It binds to the heavy metals in the body and removes them safely through the stool., Metal-Free is easy, fast, safe and inexpensive to use.
4746 Case Report NAD Cadbury Adams Halls Pro Health Defense Immune Health Implied Claim, Performance, Efficacy You can't prevent a cold but you can protect yourself by strengthening your immune system., Next time you're on an escalator, don't be afraid to touch the handrail., Arm yourself for the pediatrician's waiting room.
4738 Case Report CRN Bioforce USA Sanhelios Curbita Bladder Caps Urinary Health Performance, Ingredient, Exclusivity Pumpkin Seed Oil supports the entire system of bladder muscles., …Has the unique ability to enhance bladder function for men and women., This capsule holds the secret for strengthening the bladder., It helps strengthen bladder muscles while supporting normal emptying of the bladder through the calming effect of this high dosage pumpkin power capsule. Yes
4736 Case Report NAD Bayer Healthcare LLC Vital & Sharp Mind Cognitive Performance, Ingredient, Implied Claim, Efficacy Remember their names? If not, try new Vital & Sharp Mind from Bayer Nutritional Science., It supports memory, mental sharpness and healthy brain function., Help keep your mind vital and active., Contains Omega-3 (DHA) to support healthy rain function, B vitamins to support mental energy, and Gingko to help promote mental sharpness, memory and concentration.
4731 Case Report NAD Sera-Pharma Labs Amidren Sexual Performance, Men's Health Exclusivity, Performance, Implied Claim Amidren is the first complete hormone modulating formula that increases hormonal levels, restoring optimal male balance to reverse the effects of Andropause., Decreases body fat., Gain Lean Muscle., Improve mood.
4726 Case Report NAD Amerifit Brands Estroven Menopause Clinically Proven/Shown, Comparative Clinically proven Estroven, the natural answer., Estroven is the #1 pharmacist recommended supplement for menopause., Estroven, with clinically proven ingredients, is the #1 choice among women for natural support during menopause. , Estroven is America's top-selling women's dietary supplement.
4725 Case Report NAD Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Burner Weight Gain Performance, Speed, Ingredient, Efficacy …A powerful blend of natural herbal boosters and nutrients that, when used with a healthy diet plan, has a dual action effect on weight loss which helps you: curb your appetite; kick-start & speed up your fat burning ability (thermogenesis)., Burn Fat & Speed Metabolism., Contains Green Tea Extract, which "accelerates calorie burning through increased thermogenesis, particularly with fat calories."
4722 Case Report CRN Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. Lipodrene Weight Loss Comparative, Clinically Proven/Shown, Ingredient, Performance Lipodrene is now available in two, incredibly effective formulations, including a proprietary blend that contains 25 mg of ephedra extract that does not violate any federal or state ban…, Reduction of 40-70% overall fat under the skin., Clinical studies show: Lipodrene increases the metabolic rate, promoting thermogenesis., Lipodrene is based on the process of stimulating "lipolysis" (the release of fat) and serves to inhibit "lipogenesis" (the storage of fat). Yes
4721 Case Report NAD Natrol Inc. Promensil Menopause Clinically Proven/Shown, Efficacy Why Promensil…22 clinical studies can't be wrong., Clinically Proven & Doctor Recommended. , Promensil tablets are standardized to contain 40mg of isoflavones extracted from red clover, one of the richest natural sources of isoflavones, in a unique ratio to maximize its effectiveness.
4695 Case Report NAD BSN Inc. N.O.-XPLODE Sports Nutrition Superiority, Speed, Comparative Within seconds you feel the shuddering impact throughout your body., Within minutes, N.O.-XPLODE will jolt you with its immensely gratifying and mind-blowing effects., …the #1 selling extreme pre-training energy & performance igniter in the world!, …it works better than anything else.
4692 Case Report NAD Rexall Sundown Inc. Osteo Bi-Flex
4691 Case Report NAD North American Herb & Spice Oreganol P73 Immune Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Implied Claim, Exclusivity Research shows heat and germs don't mix…Take Oreganol P73 under the tongue and really feel the heat., …scientific studies published in Antiviral Research… Yes
4684 Case Report Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Bayer Consumer Healthcare One-A-Day All-Day Energy Multivitamin, Energy Duration, Performance Helps You Feel Mentally and Physically Energized All Day., Helps Support Mental Alertness and Energetic Feeling During Throughout the Day with An Extended Release Guarana Blend., Specifically Formulated to Support Energy All-Day Long.
4677 Case Report NAD Renaissance Health Publishing Revatrol Antioxidant Ingredient, Superiority, Comparative The #1 Red Wine Extract Formula., It's a powerful combination of the strongest available whole red wine grape extract with 95% OPC, as well as three other key anti-oxidants., One little capsule a day that can ease dozens of your worst health worries. High Cholesterol, Constant Fatigue, Heart Trouble, Colds and Flu, Memory Loss, Poor Circulation, Aging Skin, and High Blood Pressure., How to live 42% longer.
4676 Case Report NAD Primal Nutrition Inc. Damage Control Master Formula Antioxidant, Anti-aging Comparative, Superiority, Ingredient To help combat the onslaught of oxidative damage throughout your body, you need the most powerful, natural synergistic broad spectrum antioxidant blend you can find., The Master Formula is the Best Anti-Aging Supplement in the World., It even has specific nutrients to support normally healthy blood sugar, healthy heart, liver, circulation, cognition, immune system, vision and joints., unparalleled comprehensive all-in-one nutrition supplement.
4669 Case Report NAD GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare OS-CAL Exclusivity, Clinically Proven/Shown, Comparative Only OS-CAL is proven to help REDUCE the risk of HIP FRACTURES by 29% among calcium supplements. When used as directed.
4569C Compliance NAD Pure Pharmaceutical LLC Sunpill Skin Health Performance During prolonged sun exposure, take two tablets. , For maximum sun protection, ALWAYS take Sunpill., Scientists say Sunpill could impact human skin and sun health more than any product in a decade.
4672 Case Report NAD Bayer Consumer Healthcare One-A-Day Women's Multivitamin Exclusivity, Implied Claim One-A-Day Women's Multi-Vitamin is the only complete multi-vitamin with more calcium for strong bones, and now more vitamin D, which emerging research suggests may support breast cancer.
4547 Compliance NAD Nutrition 21 Chromax Blood Sugar Performance, Implied Claim Chromax helps your insulin function at its best., It's an advanced, highly absorbable form of chromium that provides your body with the chromium it needs to help promote healthy blood sugar, fight carbohydrate cravings and support your overall cardiovascular health., Essential for optimum insulin health.
4653 Case Report Proctor and Gamble Iovate Health Sciences Inc. Cold MD Immune Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Comparative, Speed 94% faster recovery [from colds]., Increased immune system resistance by 312%., Clinically Proven results., Doctor formulated and approved.
4652 Case Report NAD Gelita Health Products CH-Alpha Joint Health Clinically Proven/Shown, Preventive Health CH-Alpha is scientifically proven to promote joint health., After just two to three months, you will regain the freedom of flexibility.
4648 Case Report NAD Airborne Health Inc. Airborne Immune Health Performance, Implied Claim Germs are everywhere. Take Airborne to boost your immune system, fight viruses and help you stay healthy., Take Airborne. The immune boosting tablet that helps your body fight germs.