CRN-I Fall 2021 Webinar Series - Webinar 3

Event Start Date
Dec 06, 2021
Event End Date
Dec 06, 2021
Event Start Time
3:30 pm Eastern
Event End Time
5:00 pm Eastern

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In 2021, CRN-I, in response to survey responses from Codex delegates, will focus on women’s health by exploring unique nutritional needs, challenges, and opportunities at key life stages. Established and emerging nutritional interventions can impact the trajectory of the healthspan in women. From infancy and early childhood, to pregnancy and lactation, and beyond post-menopause, women’s life stages present opportunities to enhance wellbeing across populations in both developed and developing countries. Emphasizing a need for science-based policy-making, we’ve gathered international experts to share insights from recent research. Join us for our 2021 fall webinar series.


Webinar 3 topics and speakers:

Unique challenges/opportunities with entitlement programs aimed at nutrition and health for women and children in the developed world

Dr. Heather-Eicher-Miller, Purdue University, U.S,

Recent developments in maternal, adolescent and child micronutrient interventions in low- and middle income countries

Dr. Klaus Krämer, Sight & Life, Switzerland


See Webinar 1 and Webinar 2 topics. Learn more and register on the CRN-I website.