Webinar with Natural Products INSIDER—A 360° Approach to Supplement Safety: Implications for Product Innovation and NDI Compliance

Event Start Date
Jun 05, 2019


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Ensuring product safety must be a priority for any responsible dietary supplement company—especially marketers aiming to enhance consumer confidence in their new products. This webinar will provide insights on how companies can improve regulatory compliance by implementing a “360-degree,” holistic approach to product safety that integrates pre-market ingredient screening and assessment with post-market surveillance. Using the right safety assessment methods for new dietary ingredients (NDIs) and existing ingredients alike, with consideration of their use in specific product formulations saves time and resources. Post-market data on existing products can signal potential safety problems and can also inform the development of new products, in particular multi-ingredient products. By leveraging both pre-market and post-market activities, companies can ensure their products meet FDA’s safety standards and their consumers’ expectations.



Join CRN's Andrew Shao, Ph.D., Interim Senior Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, as he moderates this webinar co-hosted by CRN and Informa.

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Our presenters will discuss:

  • Regulatory requirements for ensuring product safety and conducting post-market surveillance
  • Pre-market approaches for evaluating ingredient safety and implications for NDI compliance
  • Leveraging post-market surveillance to inform product innovation
  • Integrating pre-market and post-market activities to enhance product performance in the market

Who should attend?

  • Chief Scientific Officers and Research & Development professionals
  • Regulatory and quality assurance professionals
  • Product safety professionals

Webinar topics and presenters:

Regulatory requirements for dietary supplement product safety and post-market surveillance

Sibyl Swift, Ph.D.
Special Assistant, Office of Dietary Supplement Programs, CFSAN, FDA


Pre-market approaches for assessing ingredient safety: Implications for NDI compliance

Amy Roe, Ph.D.
Principal Toxicologist, Procter & Gamble 


Analysis of post-market surveillance data to inform product innovation

Rick Kingston, PharmD 
President, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, SafetyCall International P.L.L.C.


Integration of pre-market and post-market activities to enhance product performance in the market

Jiang Hu, Ph.D., DABT
Associate Fellow of Global Scientific Affairs and Product Safety Herbalife Nutrition


Kristy Appelhans, MS, NMD
Senior Director, Global Consumer Safety, Herbalife Nutrition 


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