CRN Mourns Passing of Dr. John Hathcock

Washington, D.C., May 2, 2019— Today we are all saddened at CRN to share with you the news that our beloved and revered Dr. John Hathcock passed away on Monday evening. John retired from his position at CRN as our senior vice president, scientific & international affairs, in 2012, but his imprint on our association and the global industry remain. 

Hathcock-12-narrow.jpgDr. Hathcock was a great force at CRN during his 17-year tenure from 1995–2012, bringing a level of credibility that has elevated the dietary supplement industry. CRN President & CEO Steve Mister observed, “John was the embodiment of CRN's 'science behind the supplements' tagline, with his steadfast dedication to the use of risk assessment to establish science-based maximums for nutrients. But John was also the quintessential 'southern gentleman,' and his warmth, quick wit and humor touched those fortunate enough to know him personally.”

Dr. Hathcock’s professional contributions continue to touch many millions worldwide to this day. Dr. Hathcock's concept of “Observed Safe Levels” was revolutionary and preceded any formal recognition by many years. He first came up with the term when authoring CRN’s first edition of the Vitamin & Mineral Safety Book in 1997 (now in its third iteration, as of 2014). Governments all over the world now use this approach to set science-based maximum safe levels for nutrients in lieu of politically-sourced or randomly derived amounts. 

Dr. Hathcock received CRN's Apple Award in 2005; the NBJ Business Achievement Award for Efforts on Behalf of the Industry in 2007; and IADSA's Global Leadership Award in 2013. 

CRN's Interim Senior Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Andrew Shao, Ph.D., worked very closely with Dr. Hathcock during some of their most prolific years and said, "He was the master mentor, and I was the eager student. Our work is still to this day referenced by companies and governments and served as the basis of many IADSA documents and guidelines used throughout the world. I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to work with and be mentored by John." Go here to read more of Dr. Shao's reflections on Dr. Hathcock.

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