Private Equity Loves Dietary Supplements—and Should Love CRN Too

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Private equity is enthralled with the dietary supplement industry

Because consumers are increasingly proactive about protecting their health with these products, dietary supplements are particularly attractive and lucrative opportunities for outside investors. An effective trade association like the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) can make those investments more valuable and more rewarding.

Dietary supplement industry forecasted to keep growing

Over the last five years, private equity (PE) firms have purchased a wide range of supplement brands and infused them with cash: Swanson, Nutraceutical Corporation, Reliance, Plant Fusion, Nature’s Bounty, Jarrow Formulas, Natrol, MeriCal, Santa Cruz Nutritionals, Bettera Brands, Met-RX, and Vital Nutrients―and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even before the pandemic, the supplement market grew a healthy 6% in 20191, according to Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ). Get the white paper for additional details on U.S. sales and forecast of vitamins, minerals, and supplements, 2015–25.