CRN and ASNF Program for Scholars Honorees Benefit from Access to Nutrition Science Symposium

NOVEMBER 30, 2022

Award launched in 2021 builds on relationship with American Society for Nutrition Foundation, provides access to CRN’s signature ‘Science in Session’ event

WASHINGTON—The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry, has again partnered with the American Society for Nutrition Foundation (ASNF) to support educational opportunities for the next generation of nutrition scientists and practitioners.

The CRN and ASNF Program for Scholars (CAPS) Award was launched last year, providing selected student members of ASN access to CRN’s signature symposium, Science in Session.

“CRN is pleased to support students who aspire to lead in nutrition science with access to the latest research updates and insights from our slate of Science in Session presenters,” said CRN Senior Vice President, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Andrea Wong, Ph.D. “CAPS winners get exposure to relevant science that will serve them as they develop in their careers to provide accessible, science-backed guidance about health and wellness to those they serve.”

Part of CRN’s efforts to support the nutrition research community and enhance awareness of the role dietary supplements play in nutrition, CAPS awards students selected by ASN based on their academic record and commitment to research. Winners receive funding for travel expenses and a complimentary registration for Science in Session, which features experts in nutrition and dietary supplement research. This year’s Science in Session symposium, focused on optimizing health through nutrition, took place Oct. 11 at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 2022 CAPS awardees include:

  • Samiha Azgar, a first-year Ph.D. student studying nutritional biochemistry and human metabolism at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.
  • Samantha Fessler, a third-year doctoral student in the exercise and nutritional science program at Arizona State University.
  • Doreen Larvie, a Ph.D. nutrition student in her final year at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

The 2022 CAPS winners shared about their experiences with CRN’s Science in Session.

“I am a former biology teacher and reproductive health educator serving women from immigrant communities of Arab and South Asian descent in New York City,” said Ms. Azgar. “I am interested in understanding the role nutritional status plays in the health and function of women of reproductive age and hope to use my research to inform evidence-based guidelines and address the gaps and needs of marginalized and underserved women both in America and abroad.”

Ms. Fessler said, “As an early-stage researcher, it is vital to examine the work of respected investigators in my discipline to enhance the rigor and relevance of my own work. I remain committed to achieving excellence in nutritional science and maintaining and enhancing the quality of my work. CRN’s Science in Session served as a critical experience and space to generate conversations with highly impactful researchers and create connections that could confer to fruitful collaborations in the future.”

Ms. Larvie noted, “My desire to join Science in Session stems from the emphasis on cutting-edge research related to inflammation, the microbiome and the effect of phytochemicals and phytonutrients to bridge existing gaps. I am excited to learn more about new approaches in diet and wellness to apply my diverse experience and foundational knowledge to improve my critical thinking skills and be better positioned to be a driver of effective nutrition policy.”

CRN also provides ASNF with annual grants for nutrition researchers through the Mary Swartz Rose Awards.

Hear directly from the 2022 CAPS award recipients (video) at


CAPS winners are connected with mentors from CRN member companies: CAPS awardee Doreen Larvie with mentor Dr. Sonia Hartunian-Sowa, DSM Nutritional Products; mentor Dr. Casey Vanous, Herbalife Nutrition, with CAPS awardee Samiha Azgar, Cornell University; and CAPS awardee Samantha Fessler, Arizona State University, with mentor Dr. Yasmeen Nkrumah-Elie, ChromaDex, pictured at CRN's Science in Session event in October.