Get to know the leaders driving the dietary supplement and functional food industry


Learn more about the diverse leadership of CRN member companies. These industry CEOs, presidents, and VPs, head innovative and profitable businesses and are committed to the highest ethical standards as they deliver quality products to meet consumer desires for health and wellness.

Meet Nora Khaldi, Ph.D., CEO & Founder, Nuritas

If you doubt the transformative power of data, you probably haven’t met the CEO & Founder of Nuritas, Nora Khaldi, Ph.D. Dr. Khaldi shared how she leveraged her extensive academic background in pure mathematics, molecular evolution, and bioinformatics to address challenges in nutritional science through the innovative use of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and nutrition in CRN’s latest “Profiles in Leadership” installment. Connect with Nora on LinkedIn.

Get to know Brooks Powell, Founder and CEO, Cheers

Cheers Founder and CEO Brooks Powell shared how he stumbled upon insights into the various applications of dihydromyricetin in college and how that significantly contributed to pivoting his life from a future as a Baptist minister to leading a prominent brand in the dietary supplement market in CRN’s latest “Profiles in Leadership” installment. Under Powell’s leadership, the company has created products that lessen the negative effects of imbibing, all while advocating for smarter drinking habits as part of a balanced lifestyle. Connect with Brooks on LinkedIn.

Meet Radicle Science's founders, Pelin Thorogood and Jeff Chen, MD

There is no lack of vision at CRN Associate Member Radicle Science: they have a manifesto...and a credo. The company's founders delve into their motivations, hurdles they've encountered, and impact they hope to achieve in the dietary supplement sector in CRN’s latest “Profiles in Leadership” series installment. Connect with them on LinkedIn: Pelin Thorogood and Jeff Chen, MD.

Say 'Hello' to Nestlé Health Science's CEO, Abigail Buckwalter

With nearly two decades of experience with Nestlé Health Science, Abigail Buckwalter discussed the three key principles of her leadership philosophy, championing a culture of entrepreneurial innovation, and more in CRN’s latest “Profiles in Leadership” series installment. Buckwalter emphasized the importance of understanding customers' needs deeply through a "people first" approach, ensuring that the product portfolio is diverse and aligns with the needs and lifestyles of various consumers through all stages of life. Connect with Abigail on LinkedIn.

Learn about Kyowa Hakko's VP of Global Brand Marketing, Karen Todd

Karen Todd was drawn to a bend in the road along her chosen career path, she explained in CRN’s latest “Profiles in Leadership” series installment. Despite protests from her peers, Todd defied convention by starting her career in the emerging dietary supplement industry, rather than the expected hospital setting. Connect with Karen on LinkedIn.

Get to know Michael Beardall, COO, Plexus Worldwide

With an unexpected entry into the supplements industry, Michael Beardall shared his career journey from senior accountant at Deloitte to COO of Plexus Worldwide as part of CRN’s latest “Profiles in Leadership” series installment. Beardall emphasized the importance of trust, transparency, and business relationships. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

Meet Michael Bentley, President, SierraSil®

After 20 years in the industry, Bentley can offer plenty of advice to upstarts looking to get into the business. In this edition, he emphasizes the importance of focusing on efficacy, quality and giving consumers an option in addition to other interventions. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

Pharmavite CEO Jeff Boutelle shares his perspectives on purpose, innovation, and the company's commitment to quality and science

Jeff assumed the role of Pharmavite CEO in August 2017. An accomplished executive with extensive CPG and global experience, his career spans numerous well-regarded companies, including Abbott, Nestle, and Procter & Gamble. Learn more about Jeff and his work at Pharmavite in this special Q&A edition of "Profiles in Leadership."

Get to Know Elan Sudberg, CEO, Alkemist Labs

His bio describes his company as a “committed contract testing laboratory specializing in plant identity, potency, and purity testing to the Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical, and Cosmeceutical Industries.” But we thought it would be fun to go beyond the bio with Elan Sudberg, and learn a bit more about the personality behind all those plants. Connect with Elan on LinkedIn.

Meet Michelle Martin, President & COO, Cypress Systems

Our first industry executive in the series brings a uniquely creative perspective to her leadership of the mineral ingredients company, Cypress Systems, starting with the launch of its chelated minerals line. In addition to her role at Cypress, Michelle is the Chair of Engagement for Women in Nutraceuticals, a new non-profit dedicated to empowering women to unlock their personal and professional potential, with a vision of achieving economic and societal equity to change the global nutraceutical industry, and is active in advancing Cypress Systems' non-profit A Thousand Plus. Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn.