Bringing an industry-insider’s perspective to
science-based supplement industry advocacy

Luke Huber, N.D., MBA Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

Luke Huber has been at CRN for four years, and before that worked in the dietary supplement industry for 20 years, with his first job after his naturopathic medical residency being Technical Director at Emerson Ecologics (now Fullscript).

During his professional career, he worked for dietary supplement companies that served the practitioner channel, health food stores, e-commerce, and FDMC (Food, Drug, Mass, and Club). He believes this background helps him see CRN through the members’ eyes. By the time he joined CRN, Huber was familiar with the role CRN plays in advocating for the dietary supplement and functional foods industry.

One of the more challenging but important aspects of his job, he says, is scientifically defending and supporting the dietary supplement industry. He frequently provides the scientific explanation or evidence needed to set the record straight on misleading or factually inaccurate news stories about supplements. For example, last year, he spearheaded an initiative to publish a peer-reviewed article that busted myths about supplements and eating disorders, which were being used against the industry in a handful of state legislatures.

“I was drawn to CRN because of the organization’s reputation for being a trusted leader in the dietary supplement space, advocating for and defending the industry,” says Huber. “Without the important work CRN has done over the years, we would not have the robust dietary supplement industry the U.S. enjoys today.”   

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