CRN staff bring real expertise to their work, protecting and advancing a climate for our members to responsibly develop, source, manufacture, and market science-backed dietary supplements, functional food, and their ingredients, for better health and nutrition.

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CRN’s Board of Directors adopted a new CRN strategic plan for the future, spanning 2024 through 2026, following an in-depth planning session of the Executive Committee with CRN staff to establish goals within each of five areas, instructing the association to:

Expand Self-Regulatory Initiatives:

Champion self-regulatory initiatives that demonstrate our members’ commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsible behavior to sustain and improve trust in our members’ products and to distinguish responsible companies.

Influence Public Policy:

Build and maintain a positive legislative, regulatory, and commercial environment for our members’ products to foster consumer confidence and industry growth.

Improve Consumer Access:

Improve consumer access to reliable information about the roles dietary supplements and functional food play for nutrition and health, and increase access to CRN members’ products.

Cultivate Positive Public Perceptions:

Create and foster awareness, perception and understanding of the safe and valuable roles our members’ products play on individual, family, and public health.

Expand Membership:

Lead the industry and build association resources through industry-focused education, member services, and community building that foster broad membership in CRN and differentiates CRN among supplement industry associations.

Carl Hyland, Vice President Membership Development, retired in 2023, after 12 years of helping shape the dietary supplement industry by bringing companies on board as CRN members. Carl is known and loved by so many in the dietary supplement and functional food industry and was recognized at CRN’s 50th anniversary gala event.

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