Providing trustworthy stewardship of member investments

Marc Rucker Vice President, Finance & Administration

For a lot of finance professionals, working in banking would be a “destination” job. But for Marc Rucker, it wasn’t just about spreadsheets, it was about spreading his wings and landing in an organization that was mission-driven. So, he left the financial industry and found that sense of purpose when he began working for trade associations. CRN, he says, is the kind of goal-oriented place where he thrives.

“Everyone here is just so passionate about this industry, because they really believe that these products help people live healthier, happier lives,” says Rucker. “It really is the difference between making money and making a difference, which is why I am here.”

Of course, for anyone working at CRN to have an impact, the organization demands that Rucker operate at a somewhat dizzying strategic level, playing a delicate long-game of balancing programmatic priorities with practical financial imperatives, the biggest of which being the smart allocation of membership dues revenue.

It’s a mission he wholeheartedly accepted when he took the job, and welcomes the challenge.

“By paying their dues and belonging to CRN, our members are investing in the future of not just their companies, but of the industry writ large,” says Rucker. “That they entrust me with that investment is an honor that I take very seriously.”


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