Promoting science-based policy globally with the
collective heft of CRN member companies

James Griffiths, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, International & Scientific Affairs

James (“Jim”) Griffiths is a veteran at CRN.  He loves tackling the complex and often overlooked aspects of global trade in the dietary supplement and functional food industries. He is all about finding solutions for those confusing certification requirements, tricky tariff issues, and unforeseen regulatory hurdles. One important facet is making and maintaining connections with key World Trade Organization and other federal trade representatives. He’s not just a problem solver; he’s also a relationship-builder, cultivating international contacts that benefit CRN members in significant ways.

He’s got a flair for promoting CRN’s role globally and is particularly proud of organizing CRN’s international scientific symposia.  He says part of the reason he has remained at CRN for so long is that the membership value the clearinghouse nature of incoming and outgoing international concerns, and the ability to find market development opportunities.

He knows the importance of having a strong voice in international trade discussions and engaging USA trade muscle when unexpected barriers arise from our trading partners and ensuring that CRN’s members are well-represented and heard.

“Perhaps more so than in the domestic market, the collective heft of our membership is critical when we are working through some of the trade-impacting issues  with foreign regulations,” says Griffiths. “Our membership takes a lot of comfort knowing that when things get problematic overseas, CRN is in Washington organizing a united response.”

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