Navigating complex legal and regulatory issues
through the magnified view of the CRN community

Megan Olsen Senior Vice President and General Counsel

After five years at CRN, Megan Olsen has come not to regard her work as a mere “job,” but rather a “cause.” Her strong belief in the benefits of supplementation have made her a compelling advocate for members who feel as passionately as she does.  And the many forms that advocacy takes keeps her challenged and knowledgeable about the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

“I think a lot of members are unfairly targeted because there are so many gray areas in the regulation,” says Olsen. “Whether its drug preclusion, issues with new dietary ingredients, or class actions, we are constantly helping our members navigate some of these very complex issues.”

Olsen is quick to point out that access to the breadth of CRN’s expertise is not the only benefit of being a member. The value of being part of a collective of companies cannot, and should not, be undersold, she adds. Tapping into that shared expertise is a valued resource for in-house general counsels who are often “drinking from a firehose” of issues with which to contend.

“The legal and regulatory vantage point you occupy as a member of CRN allows you to see straight through to the horizon,” Olsen says. “There are 180 other companies magnifying your view—and that’s powerful.”

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