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New: Position Paper on Hemp/CBD State Legislation

Council for Responsible Nutrition Hemp-Derived CBD Dietary Supplement Position –  Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) regulations, even in the current absence of federal direction, should establish or maintain a regulatory framework consistent with the federal approach for dietary supplements. CRN members include manufacturers and suppliers that sell hemp-derived CBD dietary supplements around the country and therefore have a vested interest in having hemp-derived CBD dietary supplements consistently regulated by existing federal standards for dietary supplements. Particularly concerning is the possibility of inconsistent and perhaps conflicting state requirements on the regulation of hemp-derived CBD products, including dietary supplements, that contribute to a patchwork of state laws that make simultaneous compliance with anticipated federal regulations difficult if not impossible. Read our Position Paper to learn more.

Hemp-derived CBD regulations, even in the current absence of federal direction, should establish or maintain a regulatory framework consistent with the federal approach for dietary supplements.

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CBD – Frequently Asked Questions: 

CRN has a new "Frequently Asked Questions" piece on hemp-derived CBD, with answers to questions like, "Why should FDA permit CBD in food or dietary supplements?" and more...

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